Tips for Building Reading Success

By on February 16, 2007


(NewsUSA) – Children have limitless imaginations. They may dream of time travel and seeing prehistoric creatures up close. Perhaps they want to become mysterious sorcerers who cast binding spells.

Parents can easily accommodate these whimsical wishes by encouraging their children to read.

When students turn the pages of a book, they unlock the door to a reading wonderland. Indeed, fostering a love of reading can mean more than succeeding on a school assignment; cherishing the power of words on the written page can be the catalyst that leads to success in school and life.

But for some parents, it is difficultto get their kids excited about reading.

“Reading should be a daily occurrence, just like brushing your teeth,” said Reg Weaver, president of the National Education Association. “If you work with your children to make the activity fun, the rest will fall into place.”

Resources for parents are available through NEA’s Read Across America program, now in its 10th year. This year-round literacy campaign stresses the importance of motivating children to read and helping them master basic reading skills. The organization offers these tips to parents:

* Have materials available. Stock the house with newspapers, magazines and books to

persuade children to read instead of turning on the television or playing a video game.

* Make reading a daily exercise. Statistics show that children who are encouraged by their parents to read are more likely to read a higher number of books.

* Set and reward reading goals. Build enthusiasm by providing a special treat when a reading target is reached. Positive reinforcement can help boost motivation.

“A good book can ignite the imagination of youngsters, and parents are the best coaches to rev up reading fun,” Weaver said.

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