A Golden Moment To Get Cash

By on December 10, 2010

(NAPS)—You might not keep cash in your jewelry box or tucked into a drawer, but that’s just what you’re doing when you hold on to old, unwanted gold jewelry.

Perhaps it’s a school ring that you never wear, an earring that has lost its mate, a chain from grandma that never suited your style or anything from your ex. That jewelry could get you lots of extra cash.

Gold prices are the highest they’ve ever been and gold buyers want to purchase your old gold pieces. They recycle them, which is good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Selling your old gold jewelry is easier than you might imagine. Mail-in gold-buying businesses make it easy and convenient to get money for your gold, but you should do your homework to ensure you’re getting the most value for your items.

If you do consider selling your jewelry, here is what to look for before settling on a gold-buying company.

• Check out the company’s rating with the BBB.

• Check the company’s customer satisfaction rating.

• Understand the company’s return policy. If you change your mind, can you request your items back?

• Get the most value for your gold by avoiding unnecessary fees. One mail-in gold-buying business, Gold Promise, offers a 200 percent Best Price Promise. If you find a better written offer from an online competitor, the company will double the offer.

The company does not charge fees for shipping, insurance or any of its three payment methods. And by providing a custom-designed package that protects items in shipment, insuring all packages for up to $2,500 at no cost, providing a video of the package being opened, and letting consumers track items and payments 24/7, the company offers sellers peace of mind. A 30-Day Return Promise also means consumers have 30 days to decide if they want the gold returned, free and insured.

Visit www.goldpromise.com/kit or call (800) 2-PROMISE to request a GP FastPack kit, which includes the secure GP GoldProtector for sending items, or print out a prepaid shipping label.

For each package of gold or jewelry items sent to Gold Promise, the company will make a $1 donation to Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation.


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