Play Your Way To Fitness

By on December 3, 2010

(NAPS)—Who says getting fit can’t be fun? Popular new fitness games turn staying fit into a fun challenge.

Here are ways to get in the game of staying in shape:

“Your Shape: Fitness Evolved”

The fitness game for Kinect on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft puts your body into the game for the ultimate experience. You control the game intuitively with your body to create your own personalized fitness experience.

Choose a personal trainer to help you meet your specific fitness goals, take a yoga or martial arts class or play fun, family-friendly minigames.

As you exercise, you receive specific feedback on your every move, thanks to the game’s real-time precise tracking system. Plus, you interact with captivating visual effects that respond to your movement and impact. It’s so much fun you may not notice how hard you’re working until you see the results.

“Gold’s Gym Dance Workout”

Developed in collaboration with fitness and dance experts, “Gold’s Gym Dance Workout” is the first dance game specifically dedicated to fitness and weight loss.

You can have fun dancing to popular songs, learn new choreography and play minigames that will whip you into shape in no time.

The wide variety of dances includes popular Latin styles such as salsa, samba, rumba, cumbia, reggaeton and merengue. Plus, you can pump up your routine with boxing-inspired dance routines.

Getting fit has never been so much fun. These games can be found wherever games are sold or at www.ubi. com.


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