Enerdyne El Malpais LLC, July 8, 2011

By on June 10, 2011


Pursuant to 48-3-1 to 48-3-15 NMSA 1978, Enerdyne El Malpais LLC will conduct an

auction of miscellaneous electrical switching components and metal refining equipment

at 3156 State Highway 605,Milan, NM at 1:30PM on July 8, 2011. All items shall be

sold as one lot, to the highest bidder, for cash, to satisfy a Landlord’s Lien in the amount

of $66,052.28, which continues to accrue by approximately $2,500.00 per month. Call 1-

505-414-8548 for an appointment to review items prior to the sale.

HCS Pub. June 10, 17, 2011

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