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Duff Westbrook, Board Chair

PELRB’s next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at the hour of  9:00 a.m. at the PELRB Offices, 2929 Coors

N.W.,Suite #303Albuquerque,New Mexico87120

(505) 831-5422

Meeting Agenda:

1. Call to order

2. Review and approve the Minutes of May 25, 2011

3.  PELRB #302-10 AFT-NM & Vista Grande High School Approval of bargaining unit;

4. PELRB #303-10 AFSCME & Edgewood Township Approval of    bargaining unit;

5. PELRB #202-10RoswellIndependentSchool DistrictApproval of Local Board;

6.PELRB206-09CityofLas CrucesApproval of Local Board;

7. PELRB #139-09 AFSCME Council 18 v. State ofNew Mexico

Regulation & Licensing Department Respondent’s Notice of

Appeal of Findings, Conclusions of Law and Order;

8. PELRB #306-10 San Miguel County Approval of bargaining unit;

9. PELRB #305-10 Sunland Park Approval of bargaining unit;

10. PELRB #309-10 Monte Vista Schools Approval of bargaining unit;

11. PELRB #202-10RoswellIndependentSchool DistrictApproval of Labor Management Relations Resolution;

12. PELRB #206-09CityofLas CrucesApproval of Labor Management Relations Ordinance;

13. PELRB #203-10ClovisCommunity CollegeApproval of Labor Management Relations Resolution;

14. Report of FY-09 Annual Audit;

15. PELRB #111-08 AFSCME v. Corrections Department and PELRB CV 2008-03607 (Closes session litigation);

16. PELRB’s move from their current location to theWorkersCompensationBuilding;

17. PELRB #142-09 AFSCME Council 18 v. NM Regulation & Licensing Department AFSCME Council 18’s Notice of Appeal;

18. PELRB 103-10 State of New Mexico v. AFSCME Council 18 Petitioner’s Notice of Appeal;

19. PELRB 111-10 AFSCME Council 18 v. State ofNew Mexico Adult Protective Services Division Respondent’s Notice of Appeal;

20. PELRB #136-09 AFSCME v. New Mexico Corrections Department Respondent New Mexico Correction Department’s Notice of Appeal;

21. PLERB #309-10 Monte Del Sol Schools Comments from the parties;

22. Update from Ms. Buzzard on case #D-0101-CV-2007-03130 and AFSCME v. Corrections and PELRB #111-08;

23. Opening Meetings Act;

24. PELRB #308-10 United Mine Workers of America AFSCME Council 18 v. McKinley County Respondent’s Request for Board Review and Request for Stay of the Election, Petitioner’s Emergency Motion for Reconsideration of the Cancellation of the Representation Election Scheduled for 2/17/11;

25. PELRB #316-10 Central Consolidated Education Association v.CentralConsolidatedSchool District#22 Approval of a fully executed Voluntary Recognition Form;

26. Selection of a New Executive Director Portions may be conducted in closed session if the Board so desires, under Section 10-15-1-H2 to discuss hiring;

27. Update on the FY12 Operating Budget;

28. PELRB #301-11 Rio Rancho Firefighters Association v. City of Rio Rancho Order of Recognition executed by the parties;

29. PELRB #112-11 AFSCME Council 18 v. NewMexicoPublic Regulation Commission Joint Motion to Withdraw Prohibited Practices Complaint;

30. PELRB #115-11 The Educational Police Officers Association and FOP v. Albuquerque Public Schools Petitioner’s Motion to Withdraw Prohibited Practice Complaint against the Albuquerque Public Schools;

31. PELRB #308-10 United Mine Workers of America v. McKinley County Status of election and other pending issues;

32. Update and comments as to how PELRB appoints their Board Chair, Vice-Chair, etc.;

33. PELRB #121-11 and #122-11 AFT-NM v. Dulce Independent School District #21 Complainant’s Emergency Motion for Expedited Hearing;

34. PELRB #120-11 Joe Gonzales v. Albuquerque Public Schools Stipulated Motion to Dismiss Complaint;

35. PELRB #105-10 AFSCME Council 18 v. State ofNew MexicoRegulation and Licensing Department Notice of Withdrawal of Prohibited Practices Complaint;

36. Labor and Management representatives to select a recommendation for a third party neutral board member.

37. PELRB #308-10 United Mineworkers ofAmericav.McKinleyCounty(Update)

38. Ms. Thwaits’ letter entitled “Violation of the Open Meetings Act, Public Employee Bargaining Act, Board Rules and Public Employee Retirement Act” and dated June 15, 2011

39. Approval of the February 19, 2010, May 14, 2010, June 25, 2010 October 1, 2010, February 16, 2011, April 25, 2011 and May 10, 2011 Minutes

40. New Business

41. Public Comments

42. Adjourn

Updated and amended Agendas may be picked up at the PELRB

offices up to twenty-four hours in advance or at the board  meeting.  Contact Bernadette Carian at (505) 831-5422

for further information.

HCS Pub. June 17, 2011

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