“Awesome August” Brings Free Subscriptions to The Health City Sun for Hundreds

By on August 2, 2011

During the entire month of August, which we are dubbing “Awesome August”, The Health City Sun will be offering free 1 year subscriptions to New Mexico residents.  If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a “house flipper”, an “auction hunter”, an “arbitrageur” or just want to see who’s filing for divorce or changing their name, then you need to subscribe to the only paper in New Mexico that has focused on this niche for the past 82 years.  We run all legal notices and help you meet your legal requirements for less.

Founded in 1929, The Health City Sun, has been continuously published for over 82 years – mainly servicing a subscriber base in Bernalillo county.  Recently acquired by Defined Publishing, Inc., Health City will soon be the premiere legal and financial news source for NM.  Specializing in the publication of legal notices and business advertising.  Look to the Health City Sun to be the expert source for information, articles, commentary and advice for New Mexico’s Legal & Financial readers.

To take advantage of this great offer follow the link to www.healthcitysun.com/subscribe.  If you are a new subscriber you can click on “New Health City Sun Subscription” where you will enter the promo code from below to receive a weekly copy of the paper for an entire year for FREE.  If you are currently a subscriber you can click on “Existing Subscriber Login” where you will enter your zip code and RENEW CODE from your current mailing label.  Once logged in you can click on “RENEW” and then you can enter the same promo code from below to get an additional year added to your current subscription.

The PROMO CODE to enter when requested is “HCSFREE”  as in Health City Sun FREE!

We hope you enjoy The Health City Sun for many years to come and look to us as the go-to source for Legal and Financial news in New Mexico and for all your public notices, legal notices, notices to creditor, foreclosure listings and storage auction notices.

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