How To Teach Children Perseverance

By on September 22, 2011

Whether it’s multiplying fractions, reading, hitting a baseball or completing a pirouette, at some point, children face tasks they find difficult. While it’s common to want to quit when activities become challenging, you can help your child learn to persevere.

Here are some tips from Dr. Mary Mokris, education specialist at Kumon Math andReading Centers, on how to help your child persevere through tough times in and out of the classroom.

Lead by Example

   If you want your child to have a “never-give-up” attitude, it can help if you exhibit this behavior. Whether you try a challenging recipe or attempt a do-it-yourself home improvement project, stay positive when tasks get difficult and see the project through to the end, even if you need to bring in outside help. This shows your child the importance your family places on perseverance.

Identify the Cause

   If your child shows signs of frustration in or out of class, try asking if anything bothers your child. Your son or daughter may not want to talk about it right away, so keep prodding. Give your child some time to open up to you. Then, if your son or daughter still won’t open up, reach out to important people in your child’s life such as teachers, coaches and friends. Ask if they have seen any changes in your child when certain subjects are taught or when performing particular tasks. Once you know what your child struggles with, you will be better prepared to meet the challenge.

 Offer a Perseverance Reward

   Reward systems work, and they can be very effective when you are trying to teach the importance of persevering until the job is done. You can come up with the reward together. It can be as easy as letting your child pick what’s for dinner or selecting his or her favorite movie to watch on family night.

 Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

   If difficulty at school makes your child feel like giving up, consider an after-school enrichment program. For generations, Kumon Math andReadingCentershave helped millions of children strengthen math and reading skills, increase self-confidence and develop study skills that last a lifetime.

Teaching perseverance can be a challenge, but when children finally make a breakthrough, they will show increased confidence and feel good about themselves for seeing the job through. For more information, visit or call (877) 586-6673. – NAPS

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