A Room Full of Stuff – Letting Go of Stuff by Darren Johnson

By on October 13, 2011


I have a room in my home that is filled with stuff, but I can’t seem to let any of it go. What do I do? Please help.

Great question! I can feel your pain (smile). In 2004 I purchased my parent’s 4300 sq. foot home. Every room was filled with their stuff (they were both deceased). It took me quite a while before I got up the courage to face their STUFF. Let me share what worked for me at that time. By doing so I believe you will find the beginning of your path to getting rid of your stuff.


Many times there is an emotional attachment to stuff that is created because someone we know (or knew) gave it to us, left it for us, and/or used the stuff while they were alive. This emotional attachment is sometimes difficult to recognize. However, once it is acknowledged, it becomes easier to create the disconnection to the emotion, thereby allowing one to get rid of stuff. My theory is that the stuff around us represents the stuff inside of us. That said, consider the following tips.


  1. I had to acknowledge that the only thing holding me back from cleaning out their house was – ME – and my internal dialogue. Often our internal dialogue is as big as life. For every word you say to yourself, there is a picture associated with it. Often those pictures create and become our reality. Once you recognize this fact, you can change your internal conversation. Begin to tell yourself you can get rid of that stuff. See yourself cleaning out that stuff. This will help to prepare you for the journey.
  2. Set a date to begin the process. This will motivate you to prepare even more.
  3. Focus on all of one thing, rather than everything in the room. In other words, if you have a lot of magazines, along with other stuff, then focus on cleaning out just the magazines.
  4. If there are family heirlooms and the like, then set s specific date in which your family members can come by and get what they want.
  5. Schedule your second date. If you have done the prior four steps, then by now you will only have the stuff that is left over. Therefore, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  6. Finally, have a Letting Go of Stuff® party. Invite your friends and family to come by on a specific day. Give them a chance to take what they want from the stuff that is left.

The following tips are not the end all be all to letting go of your stuff. But at least they will get you on the path to getting rid of what you are keeping in that room. I wish you the best with your Letting Go of Stuff® journey.


Darren L Johnson is a business coach and personal development expert. www.DarrenLJohnson.com

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