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Public Sale at ROUTE 66 SELF STORAGE,9500 Central Ave. SW, 12-19-11 at 10:00am.  Property contained in the following units will be sold to the highest bidder to satisfy the owner’s lien for rent under N.M.S.A Sec. 48-11-7 et. seq. Sale is With Reserve.  ROUTE 66 SELF STORAGE reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  CASH ONLY.

Unit # 104 Stephanie Herrera 1924Conita Rael AveSW AlbuquerqueNM87105. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: TV, cabinet, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 162 Jacqueline Londono5200 Wyoming Blvd NEA-4AlbuquerqueNM87111. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Bookshelves, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 168B Juliana Salas 5500Lucca AveSE AlbuquerqueNM87121. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: File cabinets, TV’s, lamps, tables, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 206 Angel Gutierrez-Delarosa 10415 Paso FinoSW AlbuquerqueNM87121. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: TV’s, computers, kitchen supplies, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 212 Maria Munoz9600 Central Ave SW #1AlbuquerqueNM87121. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen table, chairs, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 257 Keenen AlbrittonPO Box 763ChimayoNM87522. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Table, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 237 Frank Francia 610 Headingly Ave NWAlbuquerqueNM87107. CONTENTS CONSISTS OF: Lots of Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, shelving, boxes, misc items.

Unit # 327 Bill Utrup 4701 MorrisNE AlbuquerqueNM87111. CONTENTS CONSISTS OF: Cabinets, chairs, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 329 Rose M. BlackPO Box 3179AlbuquerqueNM87190. CONTENTS CONSISTS OF: Suitcases, wheelchair, chairs, shelves, boxes, misc. items.

Unit # 406 Esequil Lopez 415SunriseWest DrSW Albuquerque,NM87121. CONTENTS CONSISTS OF: Exercise machines, living room furniture, cabinets, boxes, misc. items.

Buyer will have 24 hours to either remove all items or rent the unit until all items can be removed from the site.  Please contact ROUTE 66 SELF STORAGE at (505) 242-6440 for further information.

HCS Pub. December 2, 9, 2011

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