Voluntary Remediation Agreement

By on December 2, 2011

New Mexico Environmental Department

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the New Mexico Voluntary Remediation Regulations, the following proposed Voluntary Remediation Agreement has been submitted to the New Mexico Environment Department.  The information in this notice generally has been supplied by the applicant and may or may not have been confirmed by the New Mexico Environment department

Broadway LLC and Managing Member Albert Lemieux propose to drill monitoring wells, and take soil samples at 4102-4126 El Rey SE,Albuquerque,NM87105, to Characterize and remediate the environmental impacts of previous operations at the site.

The Voluntary Remediation Agreement can be viewed by interested parties at the following locations:

The NW corner of 4102 El Rey SE,Albuquerque,NM87105

And at NMED’s office at the address below.

New Mexico Environment Department

5500 San Antonio Dr. NEAlbuquerque,NM87109

Any interested person may obtain further information from the Voluntary Remediation Program of the New Mexico Environment department by calling Ross Muir at 505 827-0028.

Comments to the agreement may be sent to:                                     Voluntary Remediation Program         Ground Water Quality Bureau

New MexicoEnvironmental Department

P O Box5469

Santa Fe,NM87502-5469

Prior to the approval of any proposed Voluntary Remediation Agreement, the New Mexico Environment Department will allow thirty (30) days after the publication of this notice to receive written comments and during which a public hearing may be requested by any interested person.  Requests for public hearing shall set forth the reasons why the hearing should be held.  A hearing will be held if the New Mexico Environment Department determines that there is significant public interest.

HCS Pub. December 2, 2011

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