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Public Sale at ROUTE 66 SELF STORAGE,9500 Central Ave. SW, 02-27-12 at 10:00am.  Property contained in the following units will be sold to the highest bidder to satisfy the owner’s lien for rent under N.M.S.A Sec. 48-11-7 et. seq. Saleis With Reserve.  ROUTE 66 SELF STORAGE reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids.  CASH ONLY.

Unit # 107LorraineC. Hernandez 928Wood Duck DR SWAlbuquerqueNM87121.CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Camping gear, bins, misc. items.

Unit # 123 Alfonso Saavedra 811 Roma NWAlbuquerqueNM87102. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Living room furniture, boxes, bins, misc. items.

Unit # 155 Robert Vaughn 9021Rhonda STSW AlbuquerqueNM87121. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Box spring, bags, misc items.

Unit # 174  Ferandy Gishie3608 Ladera DR NWApt D208AlbuquerqueNM87120. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Lamps, couches, boxes, misc items.

Unit # 217 Leon Sleuth 105TexasSE AlbuquerqueNM87108. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Dollies, vacuums, chairs, boxes, misc items.

Unit # 224 Nelly M. Ariasalvarez8200 Bridge RD SEApt 2-A-4AlbuquerqueNM87121. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Cabinets, living room furniture, boxes, misc items.

Unit # 520A Wesley K Tom10200 Central Ave SW #11AlbuquerqueNM87121. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Cabinets, bikes, boxes, misc items.

Unit # 538 Katheryn M Lambert 3534Ute DR NWAlbuquerqueNM87105. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Night stand, car jacks, suit case, poles, misc items.

Unit # 556B Martin Quiroz-Mendoza 5756 Night Whisper DR Albuquerque NM 87114. CONTENTS CONSIST OF: Rolls of carpet padding.

Buyer will have 24 hours to either remove all items or rent the unit until all items can be removed from the site.  Please contact ROUTE 66 SELF STORAGE at (505) 242-6440 for further information.

HCS Pub. February 10, 17, 2012

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