Albuquerque Self Storage, April 30, 2012

By on April 20, 2012


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: PURSUANT TO NM STATUTES, CHAPTER 314, HB 273, (Self Storage Lien Act) that the following storage lockers will be sold on Monday April 30, 2012 at 8:00 AM to satisfy liens claimed by Albuquerque Self Storage, Inc. (13041 Central Ave NE) together with all costs of sale.

C-62  Joseph, Ebony,PO Box 392,KirtlandNM87417. Dresser, TV, Kid’s bed, Toys, Misc. $ 620.75

C-69 Sanchez, John,1523 New York AveApt D,AlamogordoNM88310. Toolbox, Loveseat, Small          dresser, Misc. $ 392.72

C-75 Oumar, Noortje, Fam.ou Oumar Tegelseweg 45, 5912 BB Ven 10. Netherlands Piano,        Yamaha Keyboard, Misc shrink wrapped items, Boxes. $1001.06

C-78 Norkus, Ashley, 1300 Parkview Ave NE, ABQ NM 87123.Micro., Misc. Furn. & lots of Boxes.              $ 544.75

D-102 Garnett, Renee, c/o Cielos Gallegos, 8500 Camino San Martin SW,ABQNM87121China             cabinet, couch/chair, lots of boxes, Direct TV dish, Misc.  $ 791.84

D-111Trujillo, Antonio,PO Box 360,TaosNM87571. Bike, Amplifier, Grill, Furn., Misc.

$ 673.09

F-159 Kolbush, Dawn, c/o Jeff Hill,832-B Alameda Rd NW, ABQ NM 87114. Table, Computer desk, Bissell powersteamer, Misc. furn. $ 586.50

F-163 Trujeque, Irene, 905 Palo Duro NW Apt. A, ABQ NM 87107. Couch,Loveseat, Boxes, Vacuum,         Misc. furn. $ 402.75

J-314       Jimenez, Sonya, c/o Otis,300 Dunes Pl SEApt. C. ABQ NM 87123. Wine rack, Speakers, Bar stools. $ 350.10

J-321 Vaughn, John R III, c/o Beverly Vaughn, 3055 N Flowing Wells Rd #1151, Tucson AZ 85705. Boxes, Headboard/Footboard, Misc.           $ 519.55

J-325 Harmony, Kyle,14225 Copper Ave NEApt. E-514, ABQ NM 87123. Chest, Shelves, Lots of boxes, Misc. $ 426.55

N-429 Dutchover, Wesley, 3829GoodrichNE, ABQ NM 87110. Fishtank, TV, Emerson radio, Dryer, Rocker, Luggage, Ent. Center, Toys, Misc.                $723.25

R-532 Manager’s Unit – Nieto, Matthew,#6 Alejandro Rd NE,ABQNM87123. $ 1,266.25

Towne, Lorretta,PO Box 4379,Yatahey,NM87375. $ 624.75 Leavy, Michelle, 1501Tramway   NEApt.247, ABQ NM 87112. $ 603.25  Howell, Stephanie, 628 Morris NE Apt. C, ABQ NM         87123. $ 645.75 Maestas, Richard, 218 Iron SW, ABQ NM 87102. $519.29 Bishop, Justin,          ABQOpportunityCenter, 715 Candelaria NE, ABQ NM 87107 $ 439.39 Orcutt, Tresa, c/o     Harris, 501BurmaNE, ABQ NM 87123. $ 386.55 Bosch Tile Saw, Ent. Center, Refrig., Washer       & Dryer, L.R. Set, Mirrors, Dresser, Recliner, Lots of Misc.

Any of the above storage lockers may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

H Martinez, manager

HCS Pub. April 20, 27, 2012

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