COA DWI Auction

By on May 11, 2012

Notice to persons appearing to be the owners of unclaimed property. The following property, which is in the possession of the Albuquerque Police Department and which is no longer needed for any other public purpose, remains unclaimed and will be sold at a public sale pursuant to Sections 29-1-13, 29-1-14 and 29-1-15 N.M.S.A. 1978 or if a public purpose is identified prior to the date of the sale, application will be made to the District Court ex parte to put the property to that public use, unless identified and claimed by the true owner(s), five (5) days prior to the date of sale:

18821 – M/C SHED, 1997 HONDA M/C, BLACK, VIN# JH2SC3306VM101533, Florida License, 46215N, Purported Owner, SCHMIDT, KAREN.
18715 – 116, 1992 MERCURY, 4DR, WHITE, VIN#2MECM74W9NX719828, New Mexico License, 353PDH, Purported Owner, WHITE, RICK, Purported Lien Holder, FB SOUTHERN LLC.
18663 – 92, 2000 PONTIAC 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 1G2NW52E8YM710721, New Mexico License, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, BRADLEY, MONICA.
18640 – 52, 1994 TOYOTA 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 1NXAE09B0RZ219536, New Mexico License, 071PJN, Purported Owner, MARTINEZ, RICK.
18636 – 182, 1995 MERCURY 4DR, GREEN, VIN#3MELM66L7SM623281, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, SARAH D. or NEIL LOVATO, Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS.
18476 – 322, 1993 FORD PK, WHITE, VIN# 1FTDF15Y0PLA50555, New Mexico License, LCB337, Purported Owner, CRANKY FRANKY EXPRESS CAR WASH.
18442 – 229, 1983 BUICK, 2DR, SILVER, VIN# 1G3AY37Y1DX335890, New Mexico License, CRA886, Purported Owner, TAFOYA, DELLA.
19599 – 161, 1992 FORD UT, SILVER, VIN# 1FMDU34X1NUA70066, New Mexico License, 251RDZ, Purported Owners, DINA M BARRERAS.
18709 – 15, 2006 CHRYSLER SUV, GRAY, VIN# 3A4FY48B66T254978, New Mexico License, KFN346, Purported Owner, CHAVEZ RANDOLPH K OR RANDEE.
18970 – 331, 1993 CHEVY VAN, TAN, VIN#1GBEG25Z8PF313751, New Mexico License, 04386US, Purported Owner, CONTRERAS MANUEL L.
19649 – D/L, 1991 JEEP UT, WHITE, VIN# 1J4FJ87S8ML557203, New Mexico License, KLD426P, Purported Owner, ANTONIO MARTINA L.
19650 – D/L, 1994 FORD 2DR, GRAY, VIN# KNJLT05H0R6141404, New Mexico License, LAM665, Purported Owner, PINZON OSVALDO.
19666 – 135, 1999 PONTIAC, 4DR, GREEN, VIN# 1G2NE12TXXM746872, New Mexico License, HCX401,, Purported Owner, LOPEZ APRIL A OR CARDOZA YOLANDA.
19667 – 227, 1995 FORD 4DR, BLACK, VIN# 2FALP71W7SX206480, New Mexico License, LDT679, Purported Owner, GRAJEDA-ORNELAS LUIS M ORGRAJEDA, Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS.
19679 – 69, 1995 FORD 4DR, GREEN, VIN#1FASP14JXSW138910, New Mexico License, GRH103, Purported Owner, PEREA-GARCIA THERESA E.
19689 – B-227, 1992 HONDA 4DR, BLUE, VIN#JHMCB7656NC048495, New Mexico License, LAT36, Purported Owner, LANCASTER DOUGLAS R, Purported Lien Holder, LIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL GROUP.
19692 – 126, 1990 JEEP UT, BLACK, VIN#1J4FJ58L1LL213846, New Mexico License, LYT480, Purported Owner, AULDRIDGE KENNETH W.
19699 – 30, 2002 CHEVY, 4DR, WHITE, VIN #1G1ND52J52M501175, New Mexico License, LDT858, Purported Owner, MOORE, HUESERS CHRISTOPHER R.
19703 – 319, 1995 FORD PK, WHITE, VIN# 1FTEX14Y1SKB31646, New Mexico License, 609RGP, Purported Owner, LUJAN LEEANNE.
19705 – 246, 1994 BUICK 2DR RED, VIN#1G4NV15M2RC280214, New Mexico License, FKJ473, Purported Owner, MCCLINTOCK PAUL.
19708 – B-233, 2005 HONDA 2DR, GRAY, VIN#1HGCM72665A001541, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, GALAVIZ JUSTIN E.
19729 – 181, 2001 PONTIAC 2DR, WHITE, VIN# 1G2NV12E61M516500, New Mexico License, 300RBD, Purported Owner, MARES RICHARD.
19732 – D/L, 2003 CHRYSLER 2DR, SILVER, VIN#1C3EL45T23N606676, New Mexico License, JLA559, Purported Owner, LAFORD AARON E., Purported Lien Holder, NM CENTRAL CU
19742 – D/L, 1993 MERCURY 4DR, WHITE, VIN#1MELM5048PA652708, New Mexico License, LPA419, Purported Owner, TOLEDO ABEL JR, Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS.
19754 – D/L, 1986 FORD PK, RED, VIN# 1FTCR11T7GUB32645, California License, 2V31810 Purported Owner, GALINDO, MARIA M.
19769 – 341, 1993 FORD PK, BLACK, VIN# 1FTDF15Y5PLA86094, New Mexico License, 983RFX, Purported Owner, TSO ANDREA.
19784 – M/C SHED, 2009 SUNNY SCOOTER, RED VIN#LEGTCBPY991000095, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, UNKNOWN
19787 – 218, 1994 TOYOTA 4DR, BLUE, VIN# 4T1SK12E3RU392023, New Mexico License, JRA757, Purported Owner, GROSSMAN, RONALD, Purported Lien Holder, NM TITLE LOANS .
19790 – 125, 1999 TOYT, 4DR, BLUE, VIN# JT2BG28K9X0288948, New Mexico License, 289RDX, Purported Owner, RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL.
19793 – D/L, 1993 HONDA, 4DR, GOLD, VIN# JHMCB7680PC027493, New Mexico License, 087PSZ, Purported Owner, MONTOYA, PATRICIA.
19795 – 162, 1995 BUICK 4DR, SILVER, VIN# 1G4AG5545S6487443, New Mexico License, LYJ000, Purported Owner, VELAZQUEZ, GUILLERMO.
19796 – 312, 1992 DODGE PK, WHITE, VIN# 1B7JE26X8NS617373, New Mexico License, LLW339, Purported Owner, FOSTER, STUART.
19797 – M/C SHED, 1992 YAMAHA M/C, RED VIN# JYA3HHE01NA039240, New Mexico License, 05157A, Purported Owner, LANGFORD, LAWRENCE.
19798 – 255, 1986 HONDA 2DR, BLUE, VIN# JHMBA5325GC062971, New Mexico License, LPR457, Purported Owner, MARTINEZ SAMUEL.
19808 – 32, 1994 TOYOTA 4DR, WHITE, VIN#JT2AE04B9R0052525, New Mexico License, 097PXB, Purported Owner, MARTINEZ MARIA C.
19848 – 306, 1999 GMC UT, BLUE, VIN# 1GKEK13RXXJ733228, License, 01007UNM, Purported Owner, MACIAS JANETH A.
19871 – M/C SHED, 2009 GENUINE SCOOTER, BLUE VIN#RFVPAC20X91008467, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, MCCULLOUGH DAVID W.
19829 – 114, 1999 CHEVY PK, WHITE, VIN#1GCCS1449X8172582, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, CASTILLO, JORDAN.
19830 – 164, 2000 DODGE 4DR, BLUE, VIN#2B3HD46RXYH393891, New Mexico License, 164PXZ, Purported Owner, CHACON, DAVID R.
19832 – 318, 1993 CHEVY PK, WHITE, VIN#1GCDC14ZXPE235333, New Mexico License, CWF802, Purported Owner, MARTINEZ, JOHNNY.
19844 – 70, 1998 HONDA 2DR, BLACK, VIN#1HGEJ6128WL094207, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, SERBIN FELICIA AND GALLEGOS DAMACIO.
19853 – 156, 1986 LINCOLN 4DR, TAN, VIN# 1LNBP96F2GY668913, New Mexico License, 258PHT, Purported Owner, WASHINGTON SHONDALE C.
19862 – 14, 2000 PONTIAC 4DR SILVER, VIN# 1G2NF52E7YC531303, New Mexico License, HXZ940, Purported Owner, REYNAGA PAUL AND REYNAGA RENEE.
19847 – 119, 1998 PLYMOUTH VAN, BLUE, VIN# 2P4FP2536WR583950, New Mexico License, VET248M, Purported Owner, JUANICO SIMON F OR RAMON.
19866 – 211, 1997 FORD 4DR, PURPLE VIN# 1FALP13P1VW239249, New Mexico License, 535RWP, Purported Owner, WHITE, ALICE.
19887 – D/L, 2008 PONTIAC 4DR BROWN, VIN# 2G2WP552981110899, New Mexico License 406PYX, Purported Owner, GRIEGO STEVE AND SANCHEZ MICHAEL, Purported Lien Holder, LOS LUNAS CONSUMER FIN.
19893 – 256, 2000 HONDA 4DR, GREEN, VIN# 1HGCG6695YA098385, New Mexico License, JPM733 (WRONG PLATE), Purported Owner, LUEVANO JERAMY OR JARAMILLO JUAN.
19899 – B-188, 1999 JEEP UT BLACK, VIN# 1J4GW68N5XC547056, Tennessee License, 616XJT, Purported Owner, COATS, JOSEPH OR JOHNSON, HALEY.
19902 – 381, 1978 FORD PK, WHITE, VIN#F10GRCG6952, New Mexico License, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, ESPINOSA EPIFANIO.
19901 – 310, 1995 CHEVY PK, BROWN, VIN# 2GCEC19K4S1116090, New Mexico License, KLL863, Purported Owner, SANDOVAL SILVANO PAUL.
19907 – 123, 2001 DODGE 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 1B3EJ46X01N675657, New Mexico License, LHF516, Purported Owner, KLUCKMAN GENEVIEVE.
The above-listed property will be sold at a public auction on August 11, 2012, at Manheim, 3411 Broadway Blvd. SE, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, beginning at 10:00 a.m., unless identified and claimed by the true owner(s) five (5) days prior to sale or if a public purpose is identified prior to the date of the sale, application will be made to the District Court ex parte to put the property to that public use. Any person possessing an interest in the above-described property may identify and claim such property by contacting Mr. Eric Locher, Assistant City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office at (505) 768-4500.
HCS Pub. May 11, 2012

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