By on June 22, 2012

Notice is hereby given, Pursuant

To theNew MexicoSelf-Storage

Lien Act (48-11-1 to 48-11-9).

U-Stor-It located at 2640 Baylor

SE, Albuq. NM 87106. will be

Selling the following Unit(s) to

Satisfy the Owner(s) Lien. Sale

is to be held at 10:00 a.m.

JULY 5, 2012, CASH ONLY.

UNIT #368, Melvin Barber,PO

Box 2397,GallupNM.  Chair,

Sofa, table, weed eater.

UNIT #032, Leiloni Begay,PO

Box 1079,Ganado,AZ.  Guitar

hero, surround heater, boxes.

UNIT # 223, Nikki Bowen, 1016

Copper NE #B, Albuq. NM.

Comp desk, sofas, bench seat,

Dresser, chairs.

UNIT # 314, Rosalne Cienega,

1050 State St #9.Soledad,CA.

dressers, coffee table, lamps.

UNIT # 092, Louise Edmon,

PO Box9451, Albuq. NM. Hutch, TV, washer, microwave, boxes.

UNIT #235, Ray Fargen, 2705

GarciaNE, Albuq. NM.  Futon

frame, wicker shelf, table, lamp.

UNIT #221, Jeff Fromme, 300

LouisianaNE #C, Albuq. NM.

Chair, tools, speakers, boxes.

UNIT #215, Matthew Garcia,

1144 Juniper Rd,Taos,NM.  Hand truck, bar stools, sofa, desk, rug.

UNIT #136, Kevin Hancock,

1900 ½ Cherokee NW, Albuq. NM. Dresser, chairs, bookshelf. Sterp.

UNIT # 377, MercyMartinez,

325CharlestonSE, Albuq. NM.

Washer/dryer, bed roll.

UNIT #282, Adam Miller, 1318

San Pedro SE #A, Albuq. NM.

Carpets, mirror, sewing machine, Ent. center, TV.

UNIT # 257, Donald Scott, 1905

John SE, Albuq. NM.  Bed, tool box, Wicker chest, clothes.

UNIT # 263, Donald Scott, 1905

John SE, Albuq. NM.  Tires, chest, Mirror, twin mattress.

UNIT # 290, Bradford Stevenson, 512 Jefferson SE, Albuq. NM.  Box spring/Mattress, vacuum, table,

Air cond. Unit.

HCS Pub. June 22, 29, 2012

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