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TAKE NOTICE that in accordance with provision of NMSA 1978 Sections 40-8-1 through 40-8-3, the Petitioners, Mohamad H. Ahmadian and Firouzeh Kasaie and joined by the Child, Sallmon Ahmadian, will apply to the Honorable David P. Reeb, District Judge of the Ninth Judicial District, Curry County, New Mexico, in Cause No. D-0905-CV-02012-00332 at 8:30 am on the 21st day of August, 2012 for an ORDER FOR CHANGE OF NAME as the parents of Sallmon Ahmadian, born on December 28, 1999 requesting the child’s name be legally changed from Sallmon Ahmadian to Sall Ryan Ahmadian.

Ninth Judicial District Court Clerk

By:/s/Casey Hays

Assistant Clerk

HCS Pub. July 20, 27, 2012

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