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By on November 30, 2012


Notice to persons appearing to be the owners of unclaimed property.  The following property, which is in the possession of the Albuquerque Police Department and which is no longer needed for any other public purpose, remains unclaimed and will be sold at a public sale pursuant to Sections 29-1-13, 29-1-14 and 29-1-15 N.M.S.A. 1978 or if a public purpose is identified prior to the date of the sale, application will be made to the District Court ex parte to put the property to that public use, unless identified and claimed by the true owner(s), five (5) days prior to the date of sale:

20353 – 298, 2001 PONT, VAN, RED, VIN# 1GMDX03E51D133069, New Mexico License, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, ALBERT R. NEVAREZ.

20427 – 189,  2004 CHRYSLER VAN, MAROON,  VIN#2C4GP54L74R505928, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE.

20475 – 163, 1991 TOYOTA, UT, GREEN, VIN# JT3RN37W1M0006775, New Mexico License, LYH798, Purported Owner, VIGIL.

20515 – 279, 2004PONTIAC4DR, GOLD, VIN# 1G2NE52F54C124893,ColoradoLicense, 17300C, Purported Owner, EUSTACE NELSON J.

20518 – 13, 2000 CHEVY 2DR, BLACK, VIN#3G1JC1242YS117948,New MexicoLicense, KCD006, Purported Owner, TAPIA, JULIE M.

20522 – 193, 2000 NISSAN 4DR, RED, VIN# 3N1CB51D4YL325967, New Mexico License, LSM049, Purported Owner, GODDARD PAULA K.

20529 – 203, 1996 NISSN PK, BLUE, VIN# 1N6SD11S5TC363512, New Mexico License, MDX640, Purported Owner, GALLEGOS, ROGER M.

20539 – 114, 2002 MAZDA 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 1YVGF22D325307350, New Mexico License, MCM149, Purported Owners, OTOLE THEODORA JEAN.

20546 – B-190, 2000 HYUNDAI 4DR, SILVER, VIN# KMHJF35F6YU013675, New Mexico License, LJW808, Purported Owner, TAFOYA ANGELINA  OR TAFOYA LAWE.

20548 – 362, 1982 FORD PK, WHITE, VIN#1FTCF10E6CRA31993,New MexicoLicense, LYR238, Purported Owner, HODGE, JAMES.

20553 – 280, 1999 PONTIAC 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 1G2WJ52K2XF353340, New Mexico License, 733PJP, Purported Owner, KIELBASA MICHELE OR JEFF.

20556 – 148, 1991 CADI 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 1G6CD53B8M4214621,New MexicoLicense, 511RKW, Purported Owner, SANDOVAL GEORGE.

20561 – 110, 2001 FORD 4DR, GOLD, VIN# 1FAFP53U11A138066, New Mexico License, 082RNH, Purported Owner, RODRIGUEZ ERIC.

20563 – 1, 2004 FORD 4DR, SILVER, VIN# 1FAFP56S94G135735,New MexicoLicense, 293RCZ, Purported Owner, MUND SARAH C.

20573 – 272, 1994 CHEVY PK, WHITE, VIN#1GCCS144XR8163750,New MexicoLicense, KDJ296, Purported Owner,MARTINEZMICHAEL, Purported Lien Holder,NEW MEXICOTITLE LOANS.

20580 – 355, 1997 CHEVY PK WHITE, VIN#1GBEC14W5VZ192038,New MexicoLicense, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, GMAC.

20583 – 363, 1999 DODGE PK, WHITE, VIN#1B7HC16X0XS291716,OklahomaLicense, ON12155, Purported Owner, SCHULTZ, DENNIS D.

20586 – 1071, 1995 CHEVY PK TEAL, VIN# 1GCCS1443S8125881, New Mexico License, LFC720, Purported Owner, DAUGHERTY ROBERT J.

20587 – 246, 1997 FORD 2DR, BLACK, VIN#1ZVLT20A9V5149636,New MexicoLicense, LNN849, Purported Owner, 1ZVLT20A9V5149636.

20591 – 161, 1996 INFINITI 4DR, BROWN, VIN#JN1CA21D2TT702317, New Mexico License, LWW761, Purported Owner, MOLINA ROBERT.

20592 – 257, 1982 CADILLAC 4DR, BLUE, VIN# 1G6AD6981C9226992, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner,  ELAINE CASTANO.

20599 – 329, 1995 FORD VAN, GRAY, VIN#1FBHS31H0SHB55143,New MexicoLicense, CJJ661, Purported Owner, SARAVINO LUIS A.

20604 – 1009, 1999 JEEP UT RED, VIN#1J4GW58S4XC633197, New Mexico License, 198PZN, Purported Owner, GRIFFIN LINDA E.

20605 – D/L, 1998 FORD 2DR, WHITE, VIN# 1FAFP4044WF266648, New Mexico License, MBY346, Purported Owner, TIJERINA HARMONIA., Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS.

20607 – 116, 1998 PONTIAC 2DR, PURPLE, VIN# 2G2FS22K1W2201335, New Mexico License, MFG635, Purported Owner, PEREZ APRIL.

20623 – 268, 1991 LEXUS 4DR, WHITE, VIN#JT8UF11E3M0078843, New Mexico License, MBT779, Purported Owner, QUEZADA CESAR A.

20625 – 258, 1995 NISSAN UT RED, VIN# JN8HD17S5SW039756, New Mexico License, MDP430, Purported Owner, RIOS JOSE L.

20701 – EDITH, 2011 BLUE EAGLE MOTOR INC., SCOOTER, BLUE/WHITE, VIN# LHJTLB3D4ABL00452, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, UNKNOWN.

20385 – 169, 1999 FORD UT RED, VIN# 1FMYU22X1XUA05283, New Mexico License, 494RFB, Purported Owner, GARCIA LAWRENCE OR GARCIA DORA I, Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.

20423 – 28, 2004 CHEVY 2DR, SILVER, VIN# 1G1JC12FX47305014, New Mexico License, 543NTZ, GUTIERREZ RENE A.

20486 – 285, 2005 CHRYSLER 4DR, BLUE, VIN# 1C3EL56R65N655293, New Mexico License, HRA577, Purported Owner, PERKINS JENNIFER, Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.

20506 – 350, 2001 FORD PK, WHITE, VIN# 1FTZX17291KF23703, New Mexico License, 337NYM, Purported Owner, THOMPSON ELAINE OR HOWARD STANFORD.

20562 – B-140, 1998 CADILLAC 4DR, GREEN, VIN# 1G6KD54Y0WU772495, New Mexico License, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, TILLERY CHEVROLET GMC INC.

20611 – 348, 1999 CHEVY PK, WHITE, VIN# 1GBGC34R5XF012494,New MexicoLicense, MAH272, Purported Owner,ARAGON, MARY.

20616 – 30, 2002 NISSAN 4DR GOLD, VIN# 1N4BL11D32C164633, New Mexico License, JFC344, Purported Owner, HARMESON JR TIMOTHY J, Purported Lien Holder, KIRTLAND FCU.

20628 – 206, 1993 PONTIAC 4DR WHITE, VIN# 1G2HX53L0P1254558, New Mexico License, LNH723, Purported Owner, CLINE DIANA L OR MINARD KYLE L, Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS .

20640 – B-113, 1994 MERZ 4DR SILVER, VIN# WDBHA22E7RF102702, New Mexico License, HJC175, Purported Owner, LUCERO MICHAEL R, Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS.

20646 – 26, 1995 HONDA 2DR, GRAY, VIN# 1HGEJ1124SL040092, New Mexico License, 182PDA, Purported Owner, FOGLEMAN,  WILLIAM.

20647 – B-88, 1997 OLDSMOBILE 4DR SILVER, VIN# 1G3WH52M8VF350688, New Mexico License, 781RKJ, Purported Owner, DONNER SHELLY.

20662 – 297, 1977 OLDS, 2DR, WHITE, VIN# 3G37R7M301750, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, ULIBARRI LAWRENCE.

20663 – 201, 1990 BUICK 4DR BLUE, VIN# 3G4AH54N3LS617983, New Mexico License, MBR270, Purported Owner, GUTIERREZ VICTORIA, Purported Lien Holder, TITLE CASH.

20676 – 351, 2002 GMC VAN, WHITE, VIN# 1GTGG25R721171774, New Mexico License, DXP086, Purported Owner, ENRIQUEZ LORENZO M OR LORENZO KR.

20678 – 118, 1999 INFINITI 4DR, GRAY, VIN# JNKCA21A3XT755745,New MexicoLicense, 534RLX, Purported Owner, MANUELITO SUSIE.

20684 – 42, 1994 NISSAN 4DR WHITE, VIN# 1N4AB41D5XC713823,New MexicoLicense, 525PDR, Purported Owner, PEACE BARBARA.

20691 – B-188, 2007 CHRYSLER 4DR SILVER, VIN# 2C3LA43R07H675031, New Mexico License, 36UNM15, Purported Owner, SHIJE, MEKKO C.

20694 – 287, 1987 FORD, 4DR WHITE, VIN# 2FABP74FXHX157761,New MexicoLicense, LNF461, Purported Owner, MONTOYA CLAUDINE F.

20699 – 11, 1995 OLDSMOBILE 4DR BLUE, VIN#1G3WH52M7SD390946, New Mexico License, LJM903, Purported Owner, TORRES ANTHONY.

20700 – 44, 2004 HYUNDAI 4DR GREEN, VIN# KMHCG45C64U530938, New Mexico License, MBX770, Purported Owner, GARCIA ELAINE R.

20705 – 342, 1978 FORD PK TAN, VIN# F10BRBH0155, New Mexico License, 08557US, Purported Owner, HEAVNER DON W OR HEAVNER JESSE W.

20707 – 370, 1988 FORD PK WHITE, VIN#1FTEX15N2JKA99423, New Mexico License, LXH725, Purported Owner, HIGGINS, VIRGIL III.

20708 – 255, 1988 CHEVY UT WHITE, VIN# 1GNCT18Z0J8190745, New Mexico License, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, ROSE, BRIAN.

20714 – 1133, 1994 SUZUKI UT RED, VIN#JS3TD03V0R4107193,New MexicoLicense, LXG649, Purported Owner,MARTINEZCHARISSA.

20727 – 16, 2002 HYUNDAI 4DR SILVER, VIN# KMHCG45C62U308929, New Mexico License, 509RCN, Purported Owner, OROURKE E SUSANNA, Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.

20731 – B-103, 2002 TOYOTA UT BLUE, VIN#JTEGF21A420068526, New Mexico License, 532NRG, Purported Owner, FOUST CLINTON D, Purported Lien Holder, CAR PROS.

20734 – 271, 1999 FORD PK GOLD, VIN# 1FTZR15V6XPA46392, New Mexico License, 12715US, Purported Owner, GRAY CHRISTOPHER J, Purported Lien Holder, FAST BUCKS.

20744 – 207, 1992 FORD 4DR, WHITE, VIN# 2FACP74W3NX178919, New Mexico License, 093PZM, Purported Owner, WHITE MICHELLE AND SMITH KEVIN, Purported Lien Holder, MICHELLE K WHITE .

20824 – EDITH, 2011 PCC CHAVIDA, SCOOTER, VIN# LB5TB8510BZ505303,New MexicoLicense, NONE, Purported Owner, UNKNOWN.

20751 – 14, 2001 HONDA 2DR SILVER, VIN# 1HGEM22931L104551,New MexicoLicense, JAT440, Purported Owner, MILLER, NOAH.

20761 – 135, 1992LINCOLN4DR SILVER, VIN# 1LNLM82W1NY735463,New MexicoLicense, LZX296, Purported Owner, SANTOYO MARK M.

20764 – 164, 1994 JEEP UT WHITE, VIN# 1J4GZ78Y3RC116399, New Mexico License, KWK451, Purported Owner, MERRIMAN MERRIMAN.

20765 – 162, 1998 CHEVY UT, WHITE, VIN# 1GNDT13W9W2186494,New MexicoLicense, JNK471, Purported Owner, TORREZ, PAUL E.

20773 – 310, 1995 DODGE PK GREEN, VIN#1B7KF26C0SS331639,New MexicoLicense, GDG831, Purported Owner, SAIZ MATTHEW E, Purported Lien Holder,NEW MEXICOTITLE LOANS.

20783 – 346, 1997 FORD PK WHITE, VIN# 1FTEF18L2VLB71833,New MexicoLicense, KKW989, Purported Owner, MARIANO, STACEY.

20785 – 176, 2000 BUICK 4DR GOLD, VIN#2G4WY55J2Y1105961, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, OROZCO-DIAZ,  MARTIN.

20789 – 102, 1995 FORD 2DR MAROON, VIN#1FALP62W9SH110777,New MexicoLicense, LBL927, Purported Owner, VANCLEAVE, KIM.

20798 – 240, 1995 FORD PK SILVER, VIN#1FTCR10AXSUA31818,New MexicoLicense, LYM460, Purported Owner, YAZZIE LISA MEA OR YAZZIE SHANE.

20801 – 259, 1977 MERCURY 4DR BLUE, VIN#7Z60S609910, New Mexico License, MDW057, Purported Owner, BARKA-MAEZ MELISSA.

20802 – 324, 1992 TOYOTA PK GRAY, VIN#JT4VN13DXN5088156, New Mexico License, LFR768, Purported Owner, PETERSON JOEL.

20805 – 306,2001 FORD PK, GOLD, VIN# 1FTRX18L31NB83132,New MexicoLicense, 010KCR, Purported Owner, SCHOPPE ROBERT E.

20821 – 122, 1993 MERCURY 4DR BLUE, VIN#1MELM5344PG624638, New Mexico License, MDL054, Purported Owner, TRUSLEY THOMAS OR COBOS APOLONIA.

20747 – 3, 2001 CHEVY 4DR SILVER, VIN# 1G1ND52J31M675826,New MexicoLicense, 02025UNM, Purported Owner, NEVAREZ, MINERVA.

20749 – 15, 2001 HYUNDAL 4DR WHITE, VIN#KMHDN45D41U052145, NewMexicoLicense 16082US, Purported Owner, ALARICK,  ALBERT.

20822 – 292, 2001 OLDSMOBILE 4DR SILVER, VIN#1G3GS64C914233921, New Mexico License, KXH042, Purported Owner, GALLEGOS ERICA R, Purported Lien Holder, RIO GRANDE CU.

20828 – 1080, 2002 CHEVY UT BLACK, VIN#1GNCS18W92K193236, New Mexico License, MHP100, Purported Owner, CHANDLER,  DARRELL.

20829 – M/C SHED, 2006KAWASAKIM/C BLACK, VIN#JKAZXCD126A016866,New MexicoLicense, R43639, Purported Owner, JASON CONNER.

20839 – 123, 1997 CHEVY 2DR BLACK, VIN#2G1WW12MXV9319216, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, ESCOBEDO ANDRE E, Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.

20842 – D/L, 2001 DODGE PK BLUE, VIN#1B7HC13Y91J521361, A, New Mexico License, KTR137, Purported Owner, LUCERO LOUISA, Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.

20856 – 199, 1996 CHRYSLER, 4DR MAROON, VIN# 2C3HC56F2TH271164,New MexicoLicense, LPY823, Purported Owner,MARTINEZJOLENE.

20863 – 312, 1998 FORD UT WHITE, VIN# 1FMEU18W0WLA05176,New MexicoLicense, LBW627, Purported Owner, VASQUEZ,  LILLY J.

20867 – EDITH, LANCE SCOOTER WHITE/BLACK, VIN# L5YACBPA781206601,New MexicoLicense, NONE, Purported Owner, UNKNOWN.

20869 – 267, 1995 DODGE PK WHITE, VIN# 1B7FL26G3SW929455, New Mexico License, KNZ452, Purported Owner, SANCHEZ,  JOSE MARIA.

20882 – 299, 1998 OLDSMOBILE 4DR WHITE, VIN# 1G3WH52K3WF399233, New Mexico License, MFL278, Purported Owner, JARAMILLO LORRAINE G.

20891 – B-125, 2007 PONTIAC 2DR BLUE, VIN# 1G2ZH18NX74164112,New MexicoLicense, LWZ525,

20896 – 1035, 1992 BMW 4DR GREEN, VIN# WBAHD631XNBJ78473, New Mexico License, LST814, Purported Owner, ROGERS DAVID L.

20901 – 56, 2001 PLYMOUTH 4DR BLUE, VIN# 1P3ES46C91D234124, New Mexico License, LFJ063, Purported Owner, PEREA HERMELINDA.

20912 – 9, 2003 FORD UT GRAY, VIN# 1FMYU02B13KB33750,New MexicoLicense, LPJ888, Purported Owner, YONEK JOSETTE J.

20918 – 34, 1997PONTIAC2DR BLUE, VIN# 1G2JB124XV7514672,New MexicoLicense, LRX741, Purported Owner, JARAMILLO LORELLA.

20933 – 51, 1999 PONTIAC 4DR RED, VIN# 1G2NW52E8XM872640, New Mexico License, None, Purported Owner, DUKE CITY BODY REBUILDERS.

21045 – 284, 1996PONTIAC2DR BLACK, VIN# 1G2JB1249T7527233,New MexicoLicense, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, GOHEEN, RICHARD.

20837 – 172, 1998 JEEP UT WHITE, VIN# 1J4GX78Y8WC295122, New Mexico License, 631PNK, Purported Owner, MARTINEZ CHERYL, Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.

20235 – 183, 2002 FORD SUV BLUE, VIN# 2FMZA50452BB45262, New Mexico License, TEMP TAG, Purported Owner, MALINDA LOPEZ, Purported Lien Holder, WESTERN FUNDING INC.

20813 – 289, 1989 NISSAN PK BLUE, VIN# 1N6HD12H6KC323466, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, TRUJEQUE PAUL.

20695 – 326, 1998 CHEVY PK MAROON, VIN# 1GCEC14W4WZ123466, New Mexico License, HSP249, Purported Owner, DUNBAR III, ROBERT, ELDON.

The above-listed property will be sold at a public auction on February 23, 2013, at Manheim, 3411 Broadway Blvd. SE, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, beginning at 10:00 a.m., unless identified and claimed by the true owner(s) five (5) days prior to sale or if a public purpose is identified prior to the date of the sale, application will be made to the District Court ex parte to put the property to that public use.  Any person possessing an interest in the above-described property may identify and claim such property by contacting Mr. Jeff Driggers, Assistant City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office at (505) 768-4500.

If proof of claim is not established to the holder’s satisfaction five (5) days prior to the date of sale, it will be sold and the true owner(s) will be divested of any right to the property and will be estopped from making any claim to the property.

HCS Pub. November 30, December 7, 2012

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