No. D 202-CV 2009-09223

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No. D 202-CV 2009-09223




The following named defendants by name, if living; and in the alternative, if deceased, their unknown heirs: BETTY GARETT, individually and as trustee for Kenneth, Glenn and Jeffrey Garett, KENNETH GARETT, GLENN GARETT, JEFFREY GARETT, MAX SAAVEDRA, WESTLAND DEVCO, LLC and WESTERN ALBUQUERQUE LAND HOLDINGS LLC, A Delaware Limited Liability Company,



Robert Simon, attorney for Jacob Davis, hereby gives notice of the pendency of the above action to quiet title to the following named defendants, if living and if deceased to their unknown heirs; Betty Garett, Kenneth Garett, Jeffrey Garett, Glenn Garett and Max Saavedra and all other unknown persons or entities who may claim a lien, interest or title adverse to the Plaintiff, Jacob Davis, in the following described real property:

A tract of land lying and being situated within projected Section 33, Township 10 North, Range 1 East, of the New Mexico Principal Meridian, Town of Atrisco Grant, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, comprising the northerly 2-acre portion of Tract 186, Row 1, Unit, A, West of Westland, being more particularly described by metes and bounds as follows:

Beginning at the southwest corner of said tract, from whence a tie to N.M.S.H.C. Survey Control Station, :1-40-EE” bears N. 83˚ 42’ 11” E., a distance of 10,338.56 feet;

Thence N. 10˚ 16’ 42” W., a distance of 415.15 feet to the northwest corner of said tract,

Thence N. 79˚ 38’ 27” E. a distance of 210.00 feet to the northeast corner of said tract, lying on the west right of way line of an existing unnamed, unplatted strip of land,

Thence S. 10˚ 15’ 34” E., along said right of way line, N.E., a distance of 414.05 feet to the southeast corner of said tract;

Thence leaving said right of way line, S. 79˚ 43’ 42” W., a distance of 209.86 feet to the point of beginning containing 1.9957 acres (86,933 square feet) more or less (hereinafter called “Northern Tract”),

and in addition an easement by necessity or, in the alternative, an access easement for the purpose of access and ingress and egress to the Northern Tract passing over the southerly 3-acre portion of Tract 186, Row 1, Unit, A, West of Westland, which borders the Northern Tract directly to the south (hereinafter called “Southern Tract”), and which has eastern and western borders that are exactly contiguous with those of the Northern Tract, as shown on the Plat of Northerly Portion of Tract 186 West of Westland, Unit A, Row 1, Projected Section 33, Township 10 North, Range 1 East, N.M.P.M., Town of Atrisco Grant Bernalillo County, New Mexico, March 2009 and Amended September 2010.

A default judgment may be entered against you if you claim an interest in the above described real property and you do not file a timely response in this case.

Attorney for Plaintiff is Robert Simon,1415 Park Ave. SW,Albuquerque,N.M.87104whose telephone number is 505-246-8136.

/s/ Robert Simon

Robert Simon

1415 Park Ave. SW


Telephone: 505-246-8136

HCS Pub. November 9, 16, 21, 2012

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