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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN:PURSUANT TO NM STATUTES, CHAPTER 314, HB 273, (Self Storage Lien Act) that the following storage unit(s) will be sold on Monday June 2, 2014 at 8:00 AM to satisfy liens claimed by Albuquerque Self Storage, Inc. (13041 Central NE) together with all costs of sale.
M-413 Vigil, Juan. 1223 E 4th St. Pueblo CO 81001. Speaker, Boxes, Lots of misc. $ 649.49
B-17 Vigil, Margarita. 8409 Comanche NE #9 ABQ NM 87111. Large refrig., Small refrig., Washer/ Dryer, Kicker Speakers, Grillmaster gas grill. $ 609.59
C-87 Arient, Lizette. 6110 Academy Rd NE Apt. C-21 ABQ NM 87109. Boxes, Shelve unit, Misc. $ 469.49
D-111 Martinez, Clyde. 901 Tramway NE C-19 ABQ NM 87123. Ladder, Washer/dryer, Mini trampoline, Kids items, Misc. $ 621.49
D-116 Managers Unit Martinez, Benita. 1208 San Pedro NE #216 ABQ NM 87110. Shredder, Bed, Plastic totes. $ 719.52
E-136 Shock, Randy. 804 Alvarado SE ABQ NM 87108. TV’s, Entertainment center, Couch/loveseat, Yamaha keyboard, Misc. $ 817.11
F-153 Garley, Angela R. 12 Tom Horn Ct Edgewood NM 87015. Furn., Kids toys, Misc. $ 754.60
F-170 Smith, Jeffrey. None. Gas grill, Contico toolbox, Hutch, Beverage refrig., Lots of misc.
$ 565.49
G-188 Scalise, Johnie. C/o Kristie Kite, 2700 Indian School Rd NE # 515 ABQ NM 87112. Couch, Golf clubs, Dryer, Misc. $ 638.09
H-205 Grossklas, Alicia. 557 Tramway NE Bldg 7 Apt 167 ABQ NM 87123. Furn., Lots of boxes, Misc. $ 809.61
H-210 Payne, James. 9000 Zuni Rd SE ABQ NM 87123. Lots of furn., Mattress set, Lots of boxes, Misc. $ 565.49
I-238 Dawes, Patricia. 5608 Zuni Rd SW ABQ NM 87108. Clothes, misc. $ 427.29
I-247 Calcutt, Dilia. 417 Wisconsin NE Apt A ABQ NM 87108. Backpacks, Boxes, Suitcases, Lots of misc. $ 479.85
I-251 Begay, Andrea. PO Box 1173 Churchrock NM 87311. Coffee table, TV, Backpacks, Boxes, Misc. $ 474.24
K-387 Vigil, Juan. 1223 E 4th St. Pueblo CO 81001. Kids Bikes, BBQ grill, Dr. Table/Chairs, Misc. Furn, Misc. $ 649.49
N-415 Baca, Vince. 13639 Sunset Canyon Blvd NE ABQ NM 87111. File Cabinet, Books, Misc. furn. pieces, Lots of misc. $ 695.24
N-437 Ulibarri, Kathy. 540 Chama SE Apt D ABQ NM 87108. Furn., Big Igloo cooler, TV, Dresser, Little safe, Lots of misc. $ 1297.21
P-457 Quesada, Stephanie. 12508 Chico Rd NE ABQ NM 87123. Drop leaf table, Mattress set, Tools, Boxes, 2 wheeler. $ 659.60
R-532 Baca, Vince. 13639 Sunset Canyon Blvd NE. Coffee table, Shelves, Misc. furn, Wooden bench, Decorative items. $ 695.24
R-540 Hill, Mike. 8804 Desert Rain NW ABQ NM 87120. Electronics, Misc. furn, Ladder, Lawn mower, Wheel barrow, Lots of misc. $ 827.49
Any of the above storage lockers maybe withdrawn at any time without prior notice.
H. Martinez,
HCS Pub. May 23, 30, 2014

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