No. D-202-PB-2015-00370

By on January 8, 2016

Case No. D-202-PB-2015-00370
HENRY R. BACKES, JR., Deceased.
PURSUANT TO SECTION 45-3-705 NMSA 1978 (as amended)
Richard M. Reidy, Personal Representative of the Estate of Henry R. Backes, Jr., deceased, gives the following notice.
1. This Notice is being mailed on the 8th day of December, 2015, to the following persons:
Name and Address Relationship
Maternal heirs on mother Pammelia Goodrich Backes’ side
Palmer Goodrich’s Children Uncle (deceased)
Cyrena Goodrich
4300 Bay Area Blvd Apt. 829
Houston, TX 77058 Cousin
Palmer Goodrich, II
Box 993
Chester, VT 05143 Cousin
Scott Brown Goodrich
429 Pleasant Valley Rd
Springfield, VT 05156 Cousin
Heidi Goodrich
1084 Gravelin Rd
Weathersfield, VT 05030 Cousin
Elsie Goodrich Dubray’s Children Aunt (deceased)
Wilbur Dubray
119 Sugarwood Hill Rd RFD
Rutland, VT 05701 Cousin
Penny Dubray Keefe
64 Elm Street
Rutland, VT 05701 Cousin
Inah Dubray Piper
Address Unknown Cousin
George Woodward DuBray’s Children Cousin (deceased)
Brany DuBray
Address Unknown Cousin
Michelle DuBray
Address Unknown Cousin
Scott DuBray
Address Unknown Cousin
Mary Dubrey Schultz’ Children Cousin (deceased)
Kimberly McClosky
Address Unknown Cousin
Karen Sachs
Address Unknown Cousin
Kevin Schultz
Address unknown Cousin
Virginia Goodrich Wright Smith’s Children Aunt (deceased)
Jeanne Greenman
Address Unknown Cousin
Pauline Goodrich Barlow
840 East Gunn Road
Rochester, MI 48306-1905 Aunt
Paternal heirs on father Henry R. Backes’ side
Helen Hamilton
No children Aunt (deceased)
Catherine H. Backes
Unknown if children Aunt( believe to be Deceased)
Marjorie May Backes Terrill’s Children Aunt (deceased)
Bennett Mix Terrill Jr.
Address Unknown Cousin
Ann J. Terrill
Address Unknown Cousin
Patricia B. Terrill
Address Unknown Cousin
Katherine Terrill
Address Unknown Cousin
Ruth Backes
No children Aunt (deceased)
Barbara Flint
Unknown if children Aunt (believed to be deacesed)
2. This Notice is further being published in the Health City Sun in Albuquerque, New Mexico and in the Hartford Courant in Hartford, Connecticut to unknown heirs and known heirs for whom there is no known address.
3. Richard M. Reidy has been appointed Personal Representative of the Estate of Henry R. Backes, Jr. on the 28th day of September, 2015.
4. The Order appointing the Personal Representative is attached to this Notice.
5. Bond has not been filed.
6. The Court where the papers relating to the estate are on file is the Second Judicial District Court, County of Bernalillo, State of New Mexico under the above captioned case number.
7. You have or may have some interest in the estate being administered.
8. The estate is being administered by the personal representative pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court, but you, as recipients of this notice are entitled to information regarding the administration from the personal representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration.
/s/ Richard M. Reidy
Richard M. Reidy, Esq.
Personal Representative
4010 Carlisle Blvd. NE Suite D
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 884-2556
HCS Pub. January 8, 15, 2016

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