Consumer Financial Loss On Automobiles

By on November 17, 2006

(NAPS)-According to leading independent testing laboratories, 33 percent of automobile repair shops overcharge customers. Though the cost of a given repair can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the garage, the average repair exceeds $1,200 on vehicles over three years old, resulting in financial loss for car owners not covered by a warranty. In addition to this, car owners must also worry about the ever-changing technology associated with automobiles. Today, electronics in automobiles make up nearly 50 percent of a car’s value. This makes it almost impossible for car owners to work on their own vehicle, and more costly to have repairs made at a shop. Further complicating the issue, electronics in automobiles are rapidly becoming more and more complex, thus increasing the need for an “expert” to make repairs. Dealer Services offers extended automobile warranties that allow customers to be at ease, with no-hassle coverage for a price that is about equal to the sales tax of most new vehicles. The Rest Assured Dealer Services warranty provides car owners with security, protection and support that they can count on. “Limited warranties are just that-limited,” said Mark Edwards, senior vice president of Dealer Services. “We understand that not everyone buys a new car and that not all cars are under three years old. What we do know is that repairs are costly and we believe our Rest Assured Dealer Services warranty helps car owners out.” Manufacturers provide only limited-time warranties because they have studied the average length of time a car’s various parts last. These warranties usually last only three years, whereas Dealer Services covers a vehicle for an additional period of time. Because of this, customers can get the most value out of their car. They avoid the loss of money incurred by trading in a car too early, such as every three years, or by paying for expensive repairs. On top of that, they receive hotel and car-rental discounts whether their car breaks down or they are just traveling. “Ultimately, Dealer Services has allowed us to save money,” said Betty, a Dealer Services customer in Pensacola, Fla. “We’ve kept the same car for seven or eight years now but our coverage has allowed us to save on all of those repairs that inevitably pop up.” Dealer Services provides extended warranties to help people keep their cars longer and save on repairs. Customers have the complete support of the Road America Motor Club for roadside repairs. For more information, e-mail Mark Edwards at [email protected] com, call (800) 649-1857 or visit www.dealerservices. com. Car repairs can be costly and frustrating when the problem cannot be fixed or found. Graph Source: Manufacturing Insights & SAE.


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