Make The Switch: You Can Do Your Own Taxes

By on December 29, 2006

(NAPS)—Donna Wexler of Catskill, N.Y. used to go to a local H&R Block office to have her taxes prepared. After waiting in line and making two separate trips to complete her return, she decided enough was enough. “I realized I was just paying them to enter my information into a computer,” Wexler said. “I figured I could do that myself.” Wexler isn’t alone. Every year, taxpayers make the switch from retail tax places such as H&R Block to do-it-yourself tax software and online tax-preparation Web sites. In fact, last year more than 36 million people used their home computer to do their own taxes, making tax software and online tax-preparation Web sites the fastest-growing choice of United States taxpayers. One of the many reasons taxpayers are switching from retail tax places is the rising cost. The average net fee per client served at the leading tax place increased by nearly 6 percent last year, topping $155. In fact, the price could be much higher depending on the complexity of the tax return and the additional tax forms needed to file. Susan Moore from Jacksonville, Fla. got tired of paying too much. “I used private tax services and H&R Block but became disillusioned by the high cost of these services,” said Moore. “I was looking to save money and ensure my taxes were done correctly, so I switched to TurboTax.” By switching to tax software such as TurboTax, consumers could pay a lot less to prepare their taxes. TurboTax tax-preparation products are trusted by millions of Americans year after year. Last year, more federal returns were prepared using TurboTax than at all H&R Block stores, based on U.S. sales, survey and industry data. Tax software such as TurboTax walks taxpayers through their return, asks simple questions and puts the correct information on IRS-approved forms. TurboTax even offers audit support. And once taxpayers have finished preparing their taxes, they can file electronically. If they’re expecting a refund, with e-file, they can receive it in as little as seven to 10 days instead of four to six weeks if they file by mail. Tax software makes it easy for people to easily and accurately complete their own taxes, when and where they want, without the hassle of appointments or waiting in line.


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