Women CEOs Focus On Long-Term Growth

By on December 22, 2006

(NAPSI)-A major research study finds that companies run by women focus on long-term growth–through new markets, innovative products/services and strategic alliances–and shun short-term gains, cost-cutting measures and the quick-exit strategies of some businesses.

The study, released by Babson College and The Commonwealth Institute, found that 80 percent of female CEOs identified expanding customer relationships as the key priority for driving future growth.

The Top Woman-Led Businesses in Massachusetts: 2005 Results study found that woman-run businesses are key drivers of revenue and employment as well as strong sources of philanthropic activity. The companies in the survey that reported revenues generated $10 billion and, together, all the companies that participated in the study employed more than 21,000 people. Debunking the perception that women typically own lifestyle and retailoriented businesses, woman-led businesses are as diverse as the economy.

“The study uncovers valuable business lessons that we can all learn from,” said Professor Nan S. Langowitz, director of the Center for Women’s Leadership at Babson College and chief researcher and author of the study. “The women CEOs are committed to building strong and thriving organizations for the long haul; their businesses are major engines of growth for the economy and key sources of philanthropy for the community.”

Visit www3.babson.edu/cwl to learn more about The Center for Women’s Leadership at Babson College.


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