E-mail Alerts Help You Remember

By on January 5, 2007

(NewsUSA) – Birthdays, anniversaries, work deadlines, due dates for bills – who could possibly remember it all?

For people who have too much on their minds, e-mail alerts provide a convenient way of remembering some of the little details of daily life.

Online florists and greeting card companies will remind you of birthdays and special occasions. Utility companies will write to you when your payments are due. And some banks are offering alert services to help consumers manage and keep track of their finances.

“E-mail alerts give online bank consumers the next generation of convenience,” says Lou Byfield, manager of online strategies for NetBank.

When it opened its virtual doors in 1996, NetBank was one of the first to ride the swelling wave of an Internet trend – online banking. Although it has no brick-and-mortar locations, it offers traditional banking services and some services not available at most conventional banks, like online interactive financial planning tools and the e-mailed reminders.

NetBank customers can ask the bank to send them an e-mail when their balances drop below or exceed a certain amount, a debit or credit is made, a check clears or when a certificate of deposit is about to mature.

“Many of our customers have busy lives and prefer to manage their accounts only when it’s necessary,” Byfield says. “They need their account information delivered in a way that supports their lifestyle. Receiving e-mail alerts with the information they’ve requested allows a person to manage their money without having to log in to their accounts every day.”

Institutions such as Bank of America and American Express also offer alert services. NetBank offers alerts for checking accounts, money market accounts, auto loans, mortgage loans and overdraft protection.


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