No Small Business Ever Fails Because It Runs Out Of Money

By on January 19, 2007

(NAPS)- No small business ever fails because it runs out of money…small businesses fail because they run out of time.

Think of your business as a parking meter. A certain amount of money buys a certain amount of time. When the meter expires, you don’t say that the “money expired,” do you? So it is with business. The capital you bring to the business buys you an amount of time to get the business on its feet, to develop positive cash flow, to make it successful. Successful businesses get it all done before the meter expires.

Obviously, the more capital you have, the longer you have to turn the corner. But, unfortunately, the two traits common to most early- stage businesses are a lack of capital and a lack of know-how. A deadly combination. In some instances, it’s all over before it begins.

Which is easier for most individuals to acquire? More money or more knowledge? More knowledge, of course.

With the vast business resources available on the Internet, it should be easy to research everything you need to know about running a successful business. The more you know, the shorter the time you’ll need to get things in order and the less capital you’ll need. A simple formula.

But we findourselves in a new quandary. How do you do research when you don’t know what you don’t know? A Google search of “tell me what I need to know” leads to 757,000,000 hits. But none of them actually tells you everything you need to know.

Here’s where “The XII Commandments for Small Business” comes in. This is a book and a series of seminars about everything you may not know about starting and operating a small business. Enough information so you can carry on an intelligent conversation about issues facing your business, without feeling like you’re on the outside looking in.

From organization to cash management, from negotiation skills to tax issues, from employee management to managing your personal life, “The XII Commandments for Small Business” covers it all. And it’s a quick, fun read.

Read this book for help in making the best use of the time that’s ticking away on your meter.

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