Desire Is The Key To Learning A Language

By on February 23, 2007

(NAPS)- The ability to speak a foreign language can bring a number of advantages- better job opportunities, more enjoyable educational experiences and stimulating encounters with other cultures. The good news, according to Barry Farber, the host of the PBS special “Learn Any Language,” is that anyone with the desire can acquire another language. The author of “How to Learn Any Language,” Farber is a radio broadcaster who has learned to speak over two dozen languages on his own. He believes the learning system known as the Pimsleur method is the closest thing we have to a “grammar implant.” Said Farber, “Without feeling it, or even knowing it, the grammar of the language is inculcated into you.” The language-learning program is used by the FBI, CIA and many business professionals. Pimsleur programs are being offered by PBS stations as premiums during fundraising pledge drives. To learn more, visit the Web site at


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