Taking The Stress And Mess Out Of Moving

By on October 22, 2010

(NAPS)—According to the U.S. Census Bureau, some 40 million Americans move to a new home every year. The next time you’re among them, following a few tips can make it easier.

• Many people unpack their boxes and only clean a room as necessary, but in the end this can cause you more time than if you clean before unpacking. Start with a room-byroom cleaning plan, focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms first. Kitchens are especially important to clean and maintain, given that they are the hub of the home.

• Pack a clearly marked box with cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper and other items you may need. It can help save yourself time by quickly locating these items without digging through boxes to find a dishcloth or glass cleaner.

• Before unpacking, tackle the refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal with a good cleaning overhaul. Cleaning your appliances before you begin using them is a great way to help them perform more efficiently.

• Clean under, behind and inside your appliances to ensure they are in tip-top shape.

• Start a regular maintenance routine for dishwashers, garbage disposals and washing machines, with a monthly cleaning product such as the affresh Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner or affresh Washer Cleaner Kit, along with the suggested tips in appliances’ Use and Care Guides, which can usually be found online.

• If your house or apartment comes with a refrigerator that has a water filter, be sure to change that filter. Refrigeration experts recommend changing it every six months to keep water and ice tasting great and to help save yourself money.

• Remove any drawers or bins in the refrigerator and wash them in the kitchen sink with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Wash the inside of the refrigerator with a clean dishcloth—don’t forget to wash the compartments on the door.

• When using the self-cleaning cycle, remove oven racks, as they can discolor or become harder to slide. If this happens, place a light coating of vegetable oil on the rack guides to help them slide in. Also, be sure to remove the broiler pan and any other utensils inside the oven prior to starting the self-cleaning cycle.

• If you have a microwave hood, the grease filters can be removed for easy cleaning. Dishwasher-safe filters are also available on some models to make maintenance easier. To clean the filter, remove it from the hood, wash it in the dishwasher and then reinstall it.

For additional tips, visit the experts at the Whirlpool Institute of Kitchen Science, www.instituteofkitchenscience.com.


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