The Health City Sun Was on the Radio – Oct. 8, 2011

The owner of The Health City Sun was invited to participate in an interview on The 1050 Show this past weekend on 1050 AM.  The 1050 Show showcases “Albuquerque’s Local Economy and the People Who Work It.  Listen Saturday mornings at 10am to hear Albuquerque business owners talk about what they make, what they sell, and how they succeed.  The 1050 Show is a great place to learn from others. Host Terrie Q. Sayre interviews representatives of three different local businesses each week. You’ll hear new ideas about marketing, production, distribution, and many other aspects of running a local business in a world-wide economy.”

Heath was asked what it means to “be the go-to source for legal notice publication in New Mexico”  and how he connects sellers with qualified & targeted buyers through nichepapers (and what exactly is a nichepaper anyway?).

If you missed the show you can listen to the full audio by clicking on the “Listen to the Show” link on the 10/8/11 show notes.  Visit The 1050 Show website here.

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