The Health City Sun is Moving!

The Health City Sun has served New Mexico’s legal and public notice needs for over 82 years.  During this time attorneys and state and county officials have been able to mail, fax or email their notices to us for publication.  We pride ourselves on excellent service and attention to these groups.
In addition to serving these larger organizations, we also specialize in publication of pro se notices (legal name changes, probate, notice of divorce, and adoption notices).  Most of these notices come to us directly from “walk-in traffic”.  Over the past few years we have occupied an office that was near to the courthouses in downtown Albuquerque to better serve this clientele.  We have an opportunity to move our offices to a new location which is even closer to the courthouses, is easier to find, and provides a better experience for our walk-ins.  Please make note that our new office address is:

905 3rd Street NW

   Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same as well as our billing remit address (PO BOX 1517 Albuquerque, NM 87103).  Thank you for the support over the years and your patience as we make the transition to the new office over the next couple of weeks.  TheHealthCitySun will be completely moved by 2012.
Please also note that3rd Street is a One Way Street (Southbound) at this address and parking is free to our customers on the street or in the parking lot.

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