THE STORAGE PLACE, April 21, 2012

By on April 6, 2012


The following property shall be sold at public auction April 21, 2012 at 10AM at THE STORAGE PLACE, 31 RD 5577,Farmington,NM87401, 505-320-0267, in satisfaction of lien in accordance with the NM self-storage act 48-11-1 thru 48-11-9.

Jason Hughes,PO Box 3448,Farmington,NM87401, Unit B-5, containing a rack, three small bicycles, corner sofa, and a Hatachi large screen TV.

Hubert Owens, 44 CR 3142,Aztec,NM87410,  Unit A-28, containing a gun, mattress, TV, light clothes, oxygen machine, fan, coffee pot, stool, tool box, dishes, shovel, and canes.

Emmanuel Garcia, 3815 Virden St, Farminton, NM 87401, Unit A-22, containing batteries, saw, hatchet, wheel and tire, play stations, Ram-set, air tank, cords, truck grille and hood, coats, tool box, water jug, buckets, tool box with tools, broom, work light, suitcase, blower, miscellaneous tools, T square, and shoes.

Jesse Randall, 30 RD 5580, Farminton, NM 87401, Unit A-20, containing a bed frame, table, four chairs, two fans, three boxes DVDs, player, controller stand, hamper, clothes, table top, and miscellaneous bags.

Rosalinda Claw, 22 CR 5580, Farmington, NM 87401, Unit A-21, containing three mattress sets, clothing, two cooler chests, suitcase, shoes, tire, and miscellaneous items.

Jewell Jeffrey, 601 Dustin Ave, Farmington, NM 87401, Unit A-18, containing a water jug, stacker, sink, garment bag with clothes, table cloths, handbags, fabric, Christmas lights and display, and miscellaneous clothes and boxes.

HCS Pub. April 6, 13, 2012

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