Grizzly Self Storage, LLC

By on March 30, 2018

Notice is hereby given, Pursuant to New Mexico Self Storage Lien Act (N.M.S.A Sec. 48-11-7 et. Seq.) Grizzly Self Storage, LLC, located at 5450 Pino NE; Albuquerque, NM 87109 will be selling the following unit(s) to satisfy the Owner(s) Lien. A Public Sale will be held by Spectrum Auction, LLC on May 3, 2018 at 10 am. Property contained in the following units will be sold to the highest bidder CASH ONLY. Owner reserves the right to cancel any sale if bids are, in the discretion of Grizzly Self Storage, unreasonable.
Unless rents are paid in full before 9:59 am on May 3, 2018 the following units will be auctioned:
M35 BRANDES 3000 Aztec Rd. #38 ABQ, NM 87107 Household
O99 MONTANO 902 21st St. NW ABQ, NM 87104 Household
P117 SURGICAL ONCOLOGY GI SURGERY INC. 6100 Uptown Blvd Suite 600 ABQ, NM 87110 Medical equipment, office furniture, filing cabinets
N78 COOLEY 85047 Curt Walters NE ABQ, NM 87122 Household, Pool Table
M45 KUMLEY 7100 Natalie NE ABQ, NM 87110 Household
M36 CARROLL 8100 Wyoming NE Apt. M4 ABQ, NM 87113 Construction, Tools
M30 BARELA 4600 Douglas McArthur Rd NE ABQ, NM 87110 Household
N71 JONES 2225 Beryle Ct SW ABQ, NM 87104 Household
N70 SKINNER 3401 Delmar Ave NE ABQ, NM 87107 Construction
N58 HARRIS PO Box 633 Silver City, NM 88062 Household
M13 JONES PO Box 93763 ABQ, NM 87109 Furniture
M52 WEBB 9808 Arvilla ABQ, NM 87111 Construction, Tools
M33 PRESSLEY 12 Trails Rd SE ABQ, NM 87043
M34 ROMERO 100 Silver SW Apt. 104 ABQ, NM 87102 Tools, Tool Boxes
D80 ABEYTA 201 58th St NW ABQ, NM 87105 Household
D78 HERNANDEZ 8121 Corona Ave NE ABQ, NM 87112 Household
N74 MARTINEZ 204 Harrison Ave Grants, NM 87020 Household
N83 LEATON 4401 San Pedro Dr ABQ, NM 87109 Household
HCS Pub. March 30, April 6, 13, 2018

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