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Notice to persons appearing to be the owners of unclaimed property. The following property, which is in the possession of the Albuquerque Police Department and which is no longer needed for any other public purpose, remains unclaimed and will be sold at a public sale pursuant to Sections 29-1-13, 29-1-14 and 29-1-15 N.M.S.A. 1978 or if a public purpose is identified prior to the date of the sale, application will be made to the District Court ex parte to put the property to that public use, unless identified and claimed by the true owner(s), five (5) days prior to the date of sale:
1. 26889 – 154, 2016 CHEVY 4DR BLACK, VIN# 1G1PC5SH2G7217310, New Mexico License, 755TKX, Purported Owner, CATRON-WAUNEKA RIANNA I, Purported Lien Holder, GM FINANCIAL.
2. 26735 – 296, 2002 HONDA 4DR GOLD,, VIN #1HGES16562L012374, New Mexico License, NXZ584, Purported Owner, WALSH ROGER W.
3. 26924 – M/C SHED, 2017 TAOTAO 50 SCOOTER, VIN# L9NTEACB2H1000882, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, UNKNOWN.
4. 26938 – 359, 2000 FORD UT GREEN, VIN# 1FMZU73E8YZA13772, New Mexico License, 008WAS, Purported Owner, MALOOF RONALD S.
5. 26944 – 149, 2007 TOYOTA 4DR GREEN, VIN# JTNBE46K173094114, New Mexico License, 275TAD, Purported Owner, TILLETT JOHN D., Purported Lien Holder, CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORP.
6. 26985 – M/C SHED, 2012 ZHENHUA 50 SCOOTER, VIN# L37MMGFV9CZ030364, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owners, UNKNOWN.
7. 26990 – 201, 2000 CHEVY 4DR WHITE, VIN#1G1ND52J4Y6106367, New Mexico License, LZX597, Purported Owner, LEE ORIAH.
8. 26993 – 1088, 2009 FORD 4DR SILVER, VIN# 1FAHP23W79G107499, New Mexico License, 509SNF, Purported Owner, JARAMILLO JESUS E., Purported Lien Holder, LOBEL FINANCIAL.
9. 26996 – 106, 2001 PONTIAC UT RED, VIN# 3G7DA03E01S536803, New Mexico License, 646WAB, Purported Owner, LARGO KIMBERLY LYNN.
10. 27001 – 156, 2006 HYUNDAI 4DR SILVER, VIN# KMHDN46D16U327167, New Mexico License, NBB949, Purported Owner, HARRIS HAROLD L.
11. 27003 – 167, 2006 FORD 4DR MAROON, VIN#1FAFP53U16A219026, New Mexico License, NM174, Purported Owner, VELASQUEZ JAMES A.
12. 27004 – 337, 2000 GMC PK WHITE, VIN#2GTEK19T4Y1324510, New Mexico License, 23529US, Purported Owner, JOHN JERILYN/JOHN MONISHA R.
13. 27006 – 128, 2002 CHEVY UT GOLD, VIN#1GNDT13S022446675, New Mexico License, 610WBR, Purported Owner, BEGAY LINCOLN L., Purported Lien Holder, NEW MEXICO TITLE LOANS INC.
14. 27007 – 91, 2001 DODGE VAN WHITE, VIN#2B4GP44381R360983, Arizona License, CAW4115, Purported Owner, EDISON, JOHN NOTAH.
15. 27015 – 274, 1994 JEEP UT GREEN, VIN# 1J4FJ68S5RL106028, New Mexico License, 911TJN, Purported Owner, HIATT KYLE J.
16. 27026 – D/L, 2007 FORD 4DR BLACK, VIN#1FAFP34N87W239371, New Mexico License, 17T-140665 TEMP-TAG, Purported Owner, MARIA DOLORES, Purported Lien Holder, MVD EXPRESS MENAUL 2.
17. 27028 – 238, 2004 BUICK 4DR WHITE, VIN#2G4WS52J741300177, New Mexico License, 17T-308414 Temp Tag, Purported Owner, ADA VALERIE A., Purported Lien Holder, ON TIME FINANCE, INC.
18. 27031 – 14, 1991 CHRYSLER 2DR WHITE, VIN#1C3XJ453XMG127362, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, A ALBUQUERQUE TOWING.
19. 27034 – D/L, 2010 MITSUBISHI 4DR, WHITE, VIN#JA4AS2AW6AZ016935, New Mexico License, 072TLC, Purported Owner, OTERO JAMES A, Purported Lien Holder, J D B ACCEPT CORP OF NM.
20. 26912 – 151, 2006 PONTIAC 4DR GOLD, VIN# 1G2ZG558664125170, Texas License, CK9-C564, Purported Owner, VIRGINIA LOERA/FELIX LOERA, Purported Lien Holder, ALLY FINANCIAL.
21. 27038 – 217, 2002 FORD UT GRAY, VIN# 1FMYU03162KD95400, New Mexico License, MNW360, Purported Owner, NICE CARS LLC LSR JOSEPHINE E MALIZIO L.
22. 27049 – 200, 2000 FORD 4DR GOLD, VIN# 1FAFP53U6YG231768, New Mexico License, PCX573, Purported Owner, AGUADO VERONICA A.
23. 27050 – 206, 1994 MERCURY 2DR BLUE, VIN# 1MELM6245RH601602, New Mexico License, 608RYB, Purported Owner, HERRERA-ARIZA JESUS, Purported Lien Holder, DON DINERO AUTO TITLE LOANS.
24. 27051 – 220, 1995 SUBARU SW WHITE, VIN# 4S3BK635XS6331679, New Mexico License, 164TWT, Purported Owner, RIOS MANUEL MICHAEL.
25. 27054 – 229, 2001 PONTIAC 4DR MAROON, VIN# 1G2WK52J61F135123, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, TOLEDO NIKOLA D.
26. 27056 – D/L, 2001 CHEVY 2DR SILVER, VIN# 2G1FP22G812140964, New Mexico License, NHK841, Purported Owner, MORGAN RICHARD W.
27. 27062 – 95, 2003 JEEP UT SILVER, VIN# 1J4GL48K83W647602, New Mexico License, NRF910, Purported Owner, CHAMBERS NATHAN J.
28. 27065 – M/C SHED, 2008 KAWASAKI M/C BLACK, VIN#JKAZX4J158A072877, New Mexico License, NONE, Purported Owner, MAGALLANES ROGELIO.
29. 27068 – D/L, 2017 FORD 4DR SILVER, VIN# 1FADP3K24HL211392, New Mexico License, ABXA66, Purported Owner, BENNETT EMMALYCE C , Purported Lien Holder, GLOBAL LENDING SERVICES LLC.
30. 27072 – D/L, 2005 FORD 4DR GREEN, VIN#1FAFP56U75A299328, New Mexico License, NNJ403, Purported Owner, BRUCE JAMIE R., Purported Lien Holder, D&B U SELL IT.
31. 27079 – 1105, 2002 HYUNDAI 4DR WHITE, VIN# KMHDN45D52U415344, New Mexico License PDJ862, Purported Owner, WHITEHEAD RONNELL JEAN, Purported Lien Holder, THE PARK NATIONAL BANK.
32. 27081 – 15, 2005 SATURN UT BLACK, VIN# 5GZCZ63475S864946, New Mexico License, PKC425, Purported Owner, QUINTERO CHRISTIAN A., Purported Lien Holder, LOAN MAX TITLE LOANS.
33. 27082 – 1075, 1995 FORD UT WHITE, VIN# 1FMDU34X0SUB68338, New Mexico License, NFX054, Purported Owner, HEREDIA GETZEL A.
34. 27083 – 62, 1995 TOYOTA 4DR GREEN, VIN# 1NXAE09BXSZ279443, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, FRED LOYA INSURANCE.
35. 27090 – 321, 2001 FORD PK GOLD, VIN# 1FTRX18LX1NB28533, New Mexico License, NO PLATE, Purported Owner, GODINEZ ARTHUR (JOE MONTANO).
36. 27106 – 1112, 2005 CADILLAC 4DR WHITE, VIN#1G6DC67A650183960, New Mexico License, 506TXW, Purported Owner, CABEZA DE BACA ERIC JOHN
37. 27110 – 1017, 2001 FORD PK WHITE, VIN#2FTPX17Z11CA75613, New Mexico License, MZG483, Purported Owner, PEREZ-MENDEZ MARIO.
38. 27145 – 318, 1995 CHEVY PK BLUE, VIN# 1GCEK19H4SE123319, New Mexico License, ABMX69, Purported Owner, JORDAN TAMMY L., Purported Lien Holder, TITLEMAX OF NEW MEXICO, INC. DBA TITLEMAX.
The above-listed property will be sold at a public auction on June 16, 2018, at Manheim, 3411 Broadway Blvd. SE, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, beginning at 10:00 a.m., unless identified and claimed by the true owner(s) five (5) days prior to sale or if a public purpose is identified prior to the date of the sale, application will be made to the District Court ex parte to put the property to that public use. Any person possessing an interest in the above-described property may identify and claim such property by contacting Mr. Kyle Hibner, Assistant City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office at (505) 768-4500.
If proof of claim is not established to the holder’s satisfaction five (5) days prior to the date of sale, it will be sold and the true owner(s) will be divested of any right to the property and will be estopped from making any claim to the property.
HCS Pub. March 30, April 6, 2018

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