Jason Eric Poteete

I, Jason Eric Poteete, the living Grantor, identified by the adult name Order JUN 14 2018, D-202-CV-2018-03589, am a) an ingressed native Cook county private Illinoisian national located at TENTH BURNSIDES LAKEWOOD, Lot 406, Parcel Number 31332070020000, Tract 830008 at Cook County, Richton Park, Illinois, and; b) am without, excluded from, jurisdictions Territorial, Military or District of Columbia, and; c) am Grantor to the JASON ERIC POTEETE Estate of Cook County as witnessed by My sole ability to personally obtain the Registrar’s book entry copy CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH of the same name established October 10, 1985, and; d) do hereby and herein give notice of Grantor’s trust “Jason Eric Poteete Tr”, and further; e) that all legal equitable, reversionary, remainderman interest and rights are now fully conveyed to the Jason Eric Poteete Living Estate Trust,  RE 394 181 656 US Trust, and; f) do give notice that all records of the Grantor office are held in the private.

Jason Eric Poteete Ttee.

Jason Eric Poteete Tr.

Post Office Box 26692

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The United States of America

RFD Near [81725-6692]

HCS Pub. March 15, 22, 29, 2019

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