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The State of New Mexico, Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department, Oil Conservation Division (“Division”) hereby gives notice that the Division will hold public hearings before a hearing examiner on the following case. During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, state buildings are closed to the public and Division hearings will be conducted remotely. The public hearing for the following case will be electronic and conducted remotely. The hearing will be conducted on Thursday, February 3, 2022, beginning at 8:15 a.m. To participate in the electronic hearing, see the instructions posted below. The docket may be viewed at or obtained from Marlene Salvidrez, at [email protected]. Documents filed in the case may be viewed at If you are an individual with a disability who needs a reader, amplifier, qualified sign language interpreter, or other form of auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in a hearing, contact Marlene Salvidrez at [email protected], or the New Mexico Relay Network at 1-800-659-1779, no later than January 23, 2022.
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All named parties and persons
having any right, title, interest
or claim in the following case
and notice to the public.
(NOTE: All land descriptions herein refer to the New Mexico Principal Meridian whether or not so stated.)
To: All affected parties, including: American Recreational Properties, Inc.; Birdie M. Kent, her heirs and devisees; Eugene D. Williams, his heirs and devisees; H. B. A. Oil Company; Louie E. Williams, his heirs and devisees; W. L. Douthit, his or her heirs and devisees; 911 Oil & Gas LLC; A & B Interests, LLC; Alan Bonneau Hatch and Diane Hatch, their heirs and devisees; Alex E. Phillips, his heirs and devisees; Alvin Baca, his heirs and devisees; Becky Mollerud, her heirs and devisees; Berna L. Lilliquist, her heirs and devisees; Betty J. Andrews, her heirs and devisees; Betty J. Ruff, her heirs and devisees; Billie Ann Morrissey, her heirs and devisees; Bodzy Investement Partnership; Bonnie Givens, her heirs and devisees; Brittoil Company LLC; Bryan E. Lewis, his heirs and devisees; C & PW Corp.; Campeche Petro, LP; Carl Franklin Hatch and Sandra Hatch, their heirs and devisees; Charlotte Blevins Purdy, her heirs and devisees; Chew Minerals, LLC, Attn: James H Chew, Manager Member; Christopher S. and Lynette L. Ewer, their heirs and devisees; Crossroads Horizon, LLC, C/O Robert McKenzie; D. A. Evans, Jr, his heirs and devisees; David E. Driggers, his heirs and devisees; Don Crawford, his heirs and devisees; Donald L. Fuller and Hellen Fuller, their heirs and devisees; Donna J. VonOsinski, her heirs and devisees; Dudley E Harris and Ramona Harris Living Trust dated 11/12/87; Duncan Shepherd, his heirs and devisees; El Charolyn Properties, LLC, Carolyn Crone, Manager; Estate of Ireen Bracken, her heirs and devisees; Frank D. Welch and Betty Jo Welch, their heirs and devisees; George E. Latham and Dianna Lynn Latham, their heirs and devisees; Georgie Ross and Jon Ross, their heirs and devisees; Gerry Falls and Carol Falls, their heirs and devisees; Gregory Crawford, his heirs and devisees; Grey Horse Holdings LLC, C/O Michael Dudman; Georgia Allene Lassater, her heirs and devisees; Gypsum Springs LLC; Hilcorp Energy; Hilda King and Dean King, their heirs and devisees; Houston C. Lasater, his heirs and devisees; Howard M. Maher, his heirs and devisees; Jacqueline P. Bickford, her heirs and devisees; Jerry A. and Sharon L. Jouret, their heirs and devisees; John R. Hatch and Mary Elizabeth Hatch, their heirs and devisees; KCW Corporation; Kenneth R. Pritchard, Jr. and Wanda Joan Pritchard, Harold Ron Pritchard, their heirs and devisees; Laura Ryan, her heirs and devisees; Marsha Childers, her heirs and devisees; Mary Elgin Strohecker and Carl Strohecker, their heirs and devisees; Mary Loring, her heirs and devisees; Mayco E. Williams, her heirs and devisees; Michael H. Evans, his heirs and devisees; Michael M. Fowler, his heirs and devisees; Michael S. Ewer, his heirs and devisees; Michael T. Holland, his heirs and devisees; Michael W. Grigg, his heirs and devisees; Nancy Maier Lipari, her heirs and devisees; OTSS Investments LLC; Patricia Ann Latham, her heirs and devisees; Paul G. Seehusen and Delores E. Seehusen, their heirs and devisees; Pauline Hall Polaski, her heirs and devisees; Petroleum Resource Management; Ramona P. Aston, her heirs and devisees; Refiners Petroleum; Reva Duran, his or her heirs and devisees; RG American Interest LLC; Scott M. Daniel, his heirs and devisees; Shirley Rey Lovato and Jean L. Garcia, their heirs and devisees; The Colorado College; Una Oreja LLC; Wanda R. Archuleta, her heirs and devisees; Wagner Family Trust; Willi Muller and Anne Marie Muller, Trustees of the Willi Muller and Anne Marie Muller Trust; William E. Chew Irrevocable Trust Dated 3/29/21, Attn: Kelli N Altvater TTEE; William H. Driggers, his heirs and devisees; William R. Lathan, his heirs and devisees; Winston M. Williams, his heirs and devisees; and Yvonne C. Ridinger, her heirs and devisees.
Case No. 22508: Application of San Juan Resources, Inc. For Approval of The Regina Ranch (Deep) Unit, Sandoval County, New Mexico. Applicant seeks approval of the Regina Ranch (Deep) Unit consisting of approximately 7,279.65 acres of the following Federal and Patented lands situated in Sandoval County, New Mexico:
Township 23 North, Range 1 West, N.M.P.M.
Section 28: S/2, NE/4NE/4, S/2NE/4, that part of the NW/4NE/4 lying East of the centerline of Hwy 96, containing 16.00 acres
Section 29: W/2, NE/4NE/4, W/2NE/4, SE/4
Section 30: ALL
Section 31: ALL
Section 32: ALL
Section 33: ALL
Township 22 North, Range 1 West, N.M.P.M.
Section 4: W/2, N/2SE/4
Section 5: ALL
Section 6: ALL
Section 7: N/2
Section 8: N/2, SE/4, E/2SW/4, E/2NW/4SW/4, E/2W/2NW/4SW/4, NW/4NW/4NW/4SW/4
Section 9: W/2, S/2NE/4, SE/4
Section 16: N/2
Section 17: NE/4, E/2NW/4
The unitized interval is all formations below the Top of the Mancos Formation, which is defined as the stratigraphic equivalent of 5,400 feet MD in the Regina Ranch Federal 32-1 well located in the SW/4, Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 1 West, N.M.P.M., Sandoval County, New Mexico (API#30-043-20989). The subject acreage is located approximately 8 miles north of Cuba, New Mexico.
HCS Pub. January 21, 2022

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