Storage Sale

On June 4, 2022
Osprey Storage Hwy 47/ Almost Anything Stored NM LLC pursuant to sections [48-11-9-to-48-11-9 NMSA 1978] New Mexico Lien Law/Self Storage Lean Act, shall conduct an online public auction to satisfy a landlord’s lien. The auction will be listed and advertised on All sales will conclude at 10:00am on the date above and will be for cash only to the highest bidder. The successful bidder shall take possession and remove contents within 72 hours. Osprey Storage Hwy 47/Almost Anything Stored NM LLC reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to withdraw any items from each sale. Property includes general household items and miscellaneous contents in the spaces of the following tenant(s) and their last known address. Earl M Estrada, 1154 Highway 304, Veguita, NM 87062
HCS Pub. May 27, June 3, 2022

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