Parties claiming interest in property

Parties claiming interest in property:
(1) 2020: Jeep: Gladiator: VIN#:1C6HJTAG8LL135511 must state “interest” by March 30, 2023 by replying at PO Box 66631, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87193.
According to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition. The term “interest” means, but is not limited to:
[1] an instrument of security by hypothecation, claim: adverse, equitable, legal, marketable,
[2] interest: adverse, equitable, legal
[3] ownership: adverse, equitable, legal, possessory
[4] right:adverse, equitable, legal, possessory
[5] presumption by statute,
[6] subject by trust: construc-tive, de son tort, ex-delicto, ex-maleficio, implied, involuntary,
[7] title: adverse, equitable, legal, marketable,
[8] interest resulting by trust defined in law: private, public, International, Federal, General-Laws of the People’s Republic of New Mexico, statute(s)
[9] subject of bankruptcy,
[10] interest by operation of law: private, public, international, Federal, General-Laws of the People’s Republic of New Mexico statute(s)
[11] lien or encumbrance.
HCS Pub. February 17, 24, March 3, 2023

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