The Financial Side Of Disaster Preparedness

By on December 29, 2006

(NAPS)-If  you want to protect your financial well-being during a natural disaster, experts say preparation   is   the key. Keeping these tips   in   mind   can help   you   weather a   storm   and   much more:


Put identification-related materials, such as insurance cards, Social Security cards, passports and birth certificates, in a safe place that you can get to in an emergency.

+ Have enough checks and deposit slips to last a month. Having the account number available may make it possible to make important payments over the phone.

+ Also, make sure you can get to bank and brokerage account numbers, credit card numbers, insurance policy numbers and your safety deposit box key.

+ You may want to keep an emergency evacuation bag, along with prescription medication, a flashlight, radio and other equipment. To learn more, visit www.amer


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