Storage Sale

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: PURSUANT TO NM STATUTES, CHAPTER 314, HB 273, (Self Storage Lien Act) that the following storage unit(s) will be sold/disposed of on Monday February 28, 2022 at 2:00 PM to satisfy liens claimed by Albuquerque Self Storage, Inc. (13041 Central NE) together with all costs of sale.
R-543 Martinez, Michael 6240 Indian School Rd NE B-306 ABQ NM 87110. New small freezer, Misc. Furn., Boxes $ 922.23
D-114 Campos, Mieka 13031 Central AVE NE #309 ABQ NM 87123 Mini Fridge, Small window cooler, Weedeater, Misc. tools. Small childs Bike, Misc. items. $ 525.33
D-121 Chino, Donovan 13058 Dallas St NE ABQ NM 87110. Lots of Misc. $ 712.66
E-150 Padilla, Stephanie 08 Whisper Pt SW ABQ NM 87121. Furn., Ladder, Gum ball machine, Kids toys, Lots of misc. $ 823.14
I-255 Ware, Rico 633 San Pedro DR SE Apt B ABQ NM 87108. Lots of Misc. $639.33
I-261 Henson, Robbie 412 Alcazar SE ABQ NM 87108. Medical equip., Tool Boxes, Weed eater, Misc. $ 440.33
I-270 Beyale, Macy 13208 Mountain Rd NE Apt B ABQ NM 87112. Misc. HHG, Kids items. $506.33
J-323 DiValentino, Autumn 1308 Dallas St NE ABQ NM 87110 Pressure washer, Shop Vac, Fishtank, Tire & Rims, Lots of misc. $ 469.66
J-331 Harrison, Audrie 13208 Mountain Rd NE Apt B ABQ NM 87112 Misc. $ 712.66
K-379 Tenorio, Mary 901 Valencia Dr NE ABQ NM 87108. Misc. Furn & HHGs $ 706.33
N-414 Gonzales, Michelle 508 Whisper Pl SW ABQ NM 87121 Furniture, Trunks, Misc. HHGs $ 1078.28
Any of the above storage lockers may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.
Manager, H. Martinez
HCS Pub. February 18, 25, 2022

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